Melbourne IT - reseller accounts - renewal notices

Melbourne IT - reseller accounts - renewal notices

From: Cheryl McConville <mail§>
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2003 11:54:17 +1000
A little too convenient to state that it was a mistake Bruce. It was a major
inconvenience and caused our clients much confusion and took up half our day
fielding phone calls. The common statement was "why are we receiving this
mail from MIT? - should we contact the ACCC?. Ridiculous.  Consumers have
received enough in the past, they don't need you guys to start doing it. We
are yet to receive a full explanation. What is the time frame for your
corrective mail-out? For your corrective mail-out to have any substance  it
should contain no MIT sales pitches and should advise the registrant to
contact their reseller, noting the resellers trading name together with
their contact details.


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Hello Cheryl,

> Have
> Melbourne IT changed their practices with regards to handling
> registrations listed under reseller accounts ?


> Are they spamming the clients of every reseller they have?

We are investigating what happened with the process for generating
renewal notices yesterday.   Melbourne IT Resellers will be informed
shortly with a full explanation, and any registrants that received
renewal notices in error will also be informed to disregard the notice.

Bruce Tonkin

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