RE: [DNS] auDA media release

RE: [DNS] auDA media release

From: Skeeve Stevens <skeeve§>
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2003 23:46:03 +1000
Yes... But ask I said... The email was going to be a courtesy...

They pay us to manage their domains to them... We have already moved
over a hundred domains from one registry to another when they have come
up for renewal... We don't inform them customer... We have a T&C saying
'Managed' domains (as opposed to domains which are registered or self
managed by the client and just hosted with us) are located with the
registry of our choice and that the registry of choice may change from
time to time...

We tell every customer when we renew their domains that they have moved
registry... I have had 1 customer say they want to keep it with a
specific registry... I said fair enough, but it would become self
managed by them, not us.... They elected to leave it managed with us and
didn't worry about the move.

Implicit permission by the customer is given to us in the form of the
registry key... They provide this to us to look after their domain... If
they don't want to, they don't give it to us, or they can change their
key anytime they like, denying us access to change it.

What problem do you see with that Kim?

I understand about the rights of the consumer... And agree with it
100%... But what about cases where the customer does NOT WANT TO KNOW
about all the DNS shit and just want us to take care of it... We are not
going to say no to our customers.  We do give them a T&C and they do
sign up for it.


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Skeeve Stevens wrote:
> I would like you to CLEARLY explain what constitutes permission.
> Permission, from my perspective, will be an email to all of our 
> customers we host for, telling them we are transferring their 
> domain(s) that we manage for them from one registry to another... And 
> if they disagree, to contact us before the nominated date (14 days).
> As we have been given the management role of those to look after them,

> I already consider us to have implicit permission, but I thought that 
> they should be informed and given a 'opt out'.
> Does auDA see any problems with this?

As a "consumer", I have a problem with this. I would rather see you get 
_explicit_ permission from your customer that you have the right to 
change their registrar (I assume that is what you meant?). Otherwise, 
your proposal sounds something very easily abused.

An email with a short opt-out time frame is ripe for abuse. Email is an 
unguaranteed medium, you could be sending the emails to the wrong 
address etc. It should be opt-in, not opt-out.

In these areas I definately think it is important to side with the 
consumer awareness rather than open loopholes.

(speaking for myself as usual)

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