RE: [DNS] Enetica

RE: [DNS] Enetica

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Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2003 13:32:55 +1000
Hi Richard,

Have Enetica or any other Registrar approached your clients with regards to
taking them on as direct customers? Or has any Registrar approached your
clients offering them additional services?

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I am **NOT**  saying that resellers should be shielded from competition. for
you to say this seriously misses the point of the discussion.  But the
competition should not come from the registrar whose services the reseller
is reselling.  Enetica should not be competitng head-on with Enetica's own
resellers - especially to a registrant who was introduced to the registrar
by that very reseller.  if that is what is what auDA is encouraging thru its
policies then it not only sux, but it is evil. and in need of change.
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