Re: [DNS] Registrant Agreements

Re: [DNS] Registrant Agreements

From: Deus Ex Machina <vicc§>
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2003 13:25:22 +1000
Jason Pay [jasonpay&#167;] wrote:
> All sounds good, BUT if Grace Bros was forced by industry policy to had
> over customer information to Nike, there would be protections in place to
> prevent Nike from using this information for anything other than record
> keeping. auDA have constructed a policy that revolves arround registrars.
> Resellers are expected to liease with the registrar about matters of
> concern then if the registrar thinks this is an issue for the industry the
> registrar goes to auDA and complains, then if auDA think its in the best
> interests of the registrars they will do somthing. The reseller has only
> one choice when it comes to their upstream registrar doing somthing dodgy,
> and thats change registrar.

there is a privacy policy in place. registrars have to opt in to the privacy act.

I really think if you have had a bad experience with a registrar then at least email
me off list with details so we can see if something can be done about it.

> If auDA was to implament a policy protecting resellers, registrars would
> get upset in that the policy would be restricting they right to market
> their services, regardless of who they are marketing too, and as i said ,
> auDA represents registrars.

that wasnt the concensus at the registrar summit. registrars felt they where
severally underepresented at auda.

> auDA monitor this list, many resellers have expressed concern and auDA have
> basicaly made 0 comment.
> their inaction represents the value auDA puts on resellers in this
> industry.

I think youll find they are probably still at an ICANN meeting.

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