Re: [DNS] Registrant Agreements

Re: [DNS] Registrant Agreements

From: Jason Pay <jasonpay§>
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2003 17:00:46 +1000
FWIW. auDA people regularly comments on discussions in this list.
I was not aware that are away.
that said,
Answering Kim's question, I would expect them to say something like
"we have identified issues relating to inappropriate use of reseller
supplied customer information in relation to direct marketing practices of
registrars. This issue will be raised at the next applicable policy review

You are on the board Kim, why cant your offer any anything constructive? as
a board member you could at least say somthing like, "its an interesting
situation, which requires further investigation, I will have a look through
the current policies and at the next meeting I will bring the topic up".

Quoting Jason Pay on Wednesday June 25, 2003:
| Yea, thanks for that, - like i said auDA do monitor this 'public' list
| they comment often,
| i was not sudgesting that this list is a way to contact auDA, i was
| a fact that they monitor this list and that they have not - in the last 2
| days commented on this discussion.

The only staff member that can 'speak' for auDA is attending meetings in
Canada. Not that I am sure what you are expecting him to say.


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