Re: [DNS] Registrant Agreements

Re: [DNS] Registrant Agreements

From: David Keegel <djk§>
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2003 17:08:10 +1000 (EST)
] FWIW. auDA people regularly comments on discussions in this list.
] I was not aware that are away.

I'm afraid they aren't around to tell people that they are away.
But Craig Ng (auDA's lawyer) and a number of others mentioned the
ICANN meeting.

] Answering Kim's question, I would expect them to say something like
] "we have identified issues relating to inappropriate use of reseller
] supplied customer information in relation to direct marketing practices of
] registrars. This issue will be raised at the next applicable policy review
] meeting."

Has anyone identified any non-accidental examples of inappropriate use
of reseller supplied customer information by registrars?  If so, I must
have missed it with all the traffic on this list recently.  (I shudder
to think of someone trying to catch up and make sense of it all when
returning to Australia.) 

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