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international domain news

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Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2003 23:18:58 +1000 (EST)
'No danger' of Internet-address shortage
The rumour that Internet addresses will soon run out is
untrue, says the man responsible for allocating them in the
Asia Pacific region.,,t269-s2136513,00.html

Notes from Twomey Press Conference in Montreal
These are my personal notes from the press conference that
ICANN held on Tuesday, 24 June 2003, during the meetings
held in Montreal. I participated by teleconference.
Although this reads like a Q&A, it is not a verbatim
transcript; I tried to get the substance of what was said,
but not everything is an exact quote. -- Bret Fausett

Melbourne IT apologises over renewal blunder
Melbourne IT was forced to apologise to its resellers
earlier this month after a blunder saw renewal notices
mailed directly to 3,000 of its partners' customers.,2000048590,20275657,00.htm

Committee on ICANN Evolution and Reform - ccNSO Formation:
Proposed Revisions to the Bylaws
On 22 April 2003, the ICANN Evolution and Reform Committee
(ERC) posted for comment its Fifth Supplemental
Implementation Report setting forth the ERC's
recommendations for the Country-Code Supporting
Organization (ccNSO), based on the extensive work of the
ccNSO Assistance Group. After continued consultation among
interested ccTLD managers and other segments of the ICANN
community, the ERC requested ICANN's General Counsel to
prepare proposed revisions to the Bylaws to implement the
ERC's Recommendations, as adjusted in several respects to
accommodate comments received. These were posted on 13 June
2003. This summary serves as the ERC's explanation of the
Proposed Bylaws and their intended effect.

ICANN - Establishment of new sTLDs: Request for Proposals
This Request for Proposal (RFP) is being issued by ICANN to
solicit applications for a limited number of new Sponsored
Top-Level-Domains (sTLDs). It is issued in response to a
directive to ICANN staff by the ICANN Board of Directors at
its meeting in Amsterdam on 15 December, 2002, following
submission by then President Stuart Lynn of a Plan for
Action regarding new TLDs in general. The Plan for Action
itself was in response to a directive from the ICANN Board
at its 23 August 2002 meeting.

VeriSign Dodges Fraud Messes
For domain theives, it's a piece of cake to hoodwink
VeriSign into transferring ownership of sites, as
Al-Jazeera found in March. But while many businesses are
suffering from the scam, VeriSign is getting off scot-free
from the mess. By Christopher Null.,1367,59327,00.html

Domain Name System marks its 20th birthday
The database system that sends web surfers to the right
page and deliver e-mail messages has turned 20.

DNS creator considers the Internet's next 20 years
Interview It was 20 years ago to the day yesterday that the
first test of the DNS system was carried out by its
inventor Dr Paul Mockapetris and Internet founding father
Jon Postel. It did rather well. To the extent that it still
underpins every single website and every single email sent
every day.

McKenzie Global E-Law Alert
A WIPO panel ruled that the fact that a trademark predates
the registration of a disputed domain name alone cannot in
itself lead to the conclusion of lack of legitimate
interest, and that failure to allege bad faith in the
complaint is fatal.

Law Society of Scotland pays 10K to 'cybersquatter' for
The Law Society of Scotland has climbed down on the eve of
a court case to decide ownership of a domain it claimed was
run by a cybersquatter.


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