RE: [DNS] Effectiveness of domain name service regulation in Australia

RE: [DNS] Effectiveness of domain name service regulation in Australia

From: Ian Johnston <ian.johnston§>
Date: Sat, 9 Aug 2003 23:20:15 +1000

SETEL has argued the case for compensation for economic loss by small business
in a number of submissions to the Federal Government in recent years.

The principle is that where a small businesses suffers financial detriment as a
result of a service provider failing to meet an obligation, the business should
be entitled to full compensation.  Financial detriment includes the incurring
costs that are greater than would otherwise have been incurred by the small
businesses and the foregoing of revenue that would otherwise have been received
by the small businesses.

My point is that any claim may also revenue foregone.



Ian Johnston, SETEL Policy Consultant

SETEL is a national small business consumer association
advancing the interest of Australian small business
as telecommunications and e-commerce consumers

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> Australia
> Hi,
> If there are any lawyer types out there (I know there was one
> recently <smile>) ...
> Id auDA successfully prosecutes a scammer (as has been done in the
> past), what would be the chances of a class action to recoup the
> costs of time spent trying to sort it out.
> The lastest AU scam has cost me about 5hours, and the American one is
> upto about 10.
> Is it possible / viable to do such a thing?
> I'd throw a hundred buscks in, just to feel like I was doing
> something (also would be a warm fuzzy that I could pass onto our clients)
> Comments?
> Cheers Tony
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