Chesley Rafferty makes The scammers Haul of Fame

Chesley Rafferty makes The scammers Haul of Fame

From: Josh Rowe <josh§>
Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2003 11:38:15 +1000
From the back page of today's Age - "Spy".

"The scammers Haul of Fame
By Lawrence Money


The other letterhead alert is for Domain Names Australia, the
money-sucking operation of 24-year-old bum Chesley Rafferty who is
sending out "registration" forms for web site owners.  Spy visited his
postal address at Level 8, 165 Collins Street last week, but Rafferty
had fled six months ago.  The landlords on the floor told Spy that
Rafferty's mail was being returned to sender but two Spy readers last
week reported having sent cheques that were cleared.  Happily many more
were pulled out after our story last week.

The landlord's receptionist described Rafferty as tall and thin with
mousey hair.  Last year he operated through a business centre at level
8/350 Collins Street, where Spy found his name in a dog-eared 2002
"client book".

While there, our mention of Rafferty's name caused the dry-cleaning guy,
at the front desk to pick up laundry, to prick up his ears.  "We got one
of those registrations," said Graeme McPike.  Same old con: McPike runs
a website  The "registration" invoice was for the

After Rafferty was nabbed by the auDA enforcers for another scam last
year he posted an apology for any "confusion" and offered to refund
payments made if the suckers claimed within 14 days.

A website search reveals Rafferty has run back to Perth, where he has a
skunk hole at 9/28 York St, Inglewood.

You can reach him directly on chesleyau&#167;  Be sure to give
him Spy's love."

If you would like to congratulate Chesley on his induction into Spy's
"Scammers Haul of Fame" then save yourself the cost of a stamp and use
Chesley's reply paid address
( ...

Domain Names Australia
Reply Paid 1688
Melbourne VIC 8060

Cost of Reply Paid,1079,CH2226%257EMO19,00.html

"Reply Paid Article, Hand-written to the Reply Paid address: 51c"

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