RE: [DNS] domain names are old hat

RE: [DNS] domain names are old hat

From: Adrian Kinderis <adriank§>
Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2003 18:15:02 +1000
Before you all go getting a bee in you bonnet....

Perhaps I will explain a few things (God only knows why...)

1. The site is not finished nor officially launched. So please reserve
all your comments about particular pages or links not working - we are
working on them.

2. The site will have a different resolution on launch. I agree with the
comments made on the list.

3. The site has frames for a reason - to keep the call to action on the
screen at all times. There are reasons why we do things, and I don't
expect that all of you will understand. All I ask is that before you
make comment you perhaps think outside you "industry" square and think
about what the objective of the site is - to INFORM the UNEDUCATED about
the DNS to further INFORM those that already have an understanding.

4. The term "webname" was chosen due to Market Research conducted by
both AusRegistry and ARES. We are not trying to change the vernacular,
merely introducing a linking noun that is a little more easily
understood as to its purpose. Research like that shown in an early
posting certainly supports this (thanks DPF!).

5. We, AusRegistry have a marketing role as well as a technical one (as
committed to in our tender document). We see this portal as being both
educational and informative and yes, at times, this will seem self
serving but ultimately, hopefully, beneficial to all.

6. The website is not meant directly for you (DNS list members). The
mere fact you are on this list indicates you have an advanced level of
understanding. We are attempting to take domain names to a different
audience. Therefore, we are catering for the IE browser people... how
many people with a "limited" understanding of the internet do you think
use "other" browsers? Don't tell me, we have done the math and it is not
worth our time.

7. Actually the domain name is "owned" by auDA. It is not an asset of
AusRegistry. This was in response to our Registrars complaining that
using was developing too much brand equity and
giving us too much of a start for when(?) we lose the registry in 2006.
We supported this sentiment and wanted auDA to have a neutral name that
we could use that was also marketable (i.e. is a
neutral name but no one has any idea as to what it is - for the same
reason we get phone calls every day for people wanting to register a
Marriage...). Therefore the name will stay with the Registry operator.

8. Ultimately it is a marketing website. We want people to support .au
as opposed to any other TLD. Please remember there has been much thought
put into the development of the site and it won't always suit you nor
will you always understand why we have done things certain ways. Rest
assured, we have conducted solid research to steer us in this direction.
auDA, the Registrars and our internal staff are all supportive or our

I welcome feedback, but please make it constructive.

Think about your issues from our perspective and what we are trying to

We are launching the site this week and you will see significant changes
prior - that is if I don't take it down until the finished product is


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> The problem is that IE on Windows is broken and renders things with
> back slashes '\' as if they were forward slashes '/'. And that some
> web designers are lazy and only test their web pages with IE.


The main page is using a HTML 4.0 doctype yet they are closing the "meta
name" tags like its an XHTML doctype.

and this says pretty much everything:

<meta content="Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 7.0" name="GENERATOR">
<meta content=""


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