international domain news

international domain news

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Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2003 23:45:10 +1000 (EST)
Domain Names NZ promises refund
The Australian who mass-mailed New Zealand internet domain
name owners inviting them to sign up for an over-priced and
probably unnecessary extra domain says he will give refunds
to those who feel unhappy.

Ministry to launch Hangeul domain names
The Ministry of Information and Communication said it would
launch a Korean Internet address domain system on Aug. 19
in partnership with the Korea Network Information Center,
the country's Internet address registration agency.

Wide divergence in cost of domain names in Europe (reg
Registering a domain name in the EU can become an expensive
task, depending on the country where the registration takes

Eighth Status Report Under ICANN/US Government Memorandum
of Understanding
Report by ICANN to United States Department of Commerce Re:
Progress Toward Objectives of Memorandum of Understanding.

Preliminary Report - Special Meeting of the Board
ICANN's Board of Directors held a meeting by teleconference
on 8 August 2003. Directors Vint Cerf (Chair), Ivan Moura
Campos, Mouhamet Diop, Masanobu Katoh, Veni Markovski,
Thomas Niles, Michael D. Palage, Hualin Qian and Njeri
Rionge participated. The Board adopted the following

ICANN Announcement
To the ICANN Secretary: At its 26 June 2003 ICANN Board
meeting, the Board adopted bylaw provisions establishing
the framework for the ccNSO. Consistent with the
authoritative ICANN Board resolutions, a call for
expressions of interest for 6 additional members to the
ccNSO's initial 9 members was sent out on 9 July 2003.

Sex shop wants to buy royal domain name
An Internet site selling sex toys wants to buy the domain
name Maud Angelica is the newborn
daughter of the Norwegian Princess.

Paper cut out at registry
Owners of domain names will no longer have to resort
to paper if they want to renew or update their

Nominet launches new renewal system (reg req'd)
Holders of .uk domain names will have to keep on top of
renewal dates if they want to avoid losing their

Fairness demands review of domain-name policy
As the Internet blossomed into a global phenomenon in the
mid-1990s, domain name disputes became one of the first
legal issues to emerge. Designed as an easy and effective
method to locate Web sites and route e-mail, speculators
quickly realized the value in registering domain names —
particularly those matching trademarks — and reselling them
to the highest bidder.

Palace: NTC to be oversight body for '.ph' domain
MalacaŅang Palace is set to mandate the National
Telecommunications Commission (NTC) as an oversight body
for the ".ph" domain, a top government official told

Heavy fines to hammer cybersquatters in Korea (reg req'd)
Anyone who breaks Korea's new anti-cybersquatting laws will
be hit with a fine of more than W10 million ($8,600).

Spurs in domain victory (reg req'd)

AIT Launches Private Label Domain Solution
AIT Inc. said this week that AITDomains (,
its ICANN-approved domain name registrar, had recently
built a private label, virtual domain name registrar
solution for companies interested in providing domain name
registration solutions.


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