Re: [DNS] Sale of Domainz

Re: [DNS] Sale of Domainz

From: DPF <david§>
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2003 12:13:58 +1200
For some reason the Australian currency is worth more than
NZ currency and hence A$1.8 million is around NZ$2.0

I am sure this situation will reverse in time :-)


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>$1.8 was the quote from the Australian.
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>Subject: [DNS] Sale of Domainz
>Subscribers here may be interested in the announcement that Domainz
>(the former .nz registry and now major .nz registrar) has been sold to
>Melbourne IT for NZ$2 million.
>Full details of the sale are at
>The sale occurred because InternetNZ as market regulator, and registry
>owner, believed it was a conflict of interest to also own a
>competitive registrar past the transition period.

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