Re: [DNS] what's in a web name?

Re: [DNS] what's in a web name?

From: Jon Lawrence <jon§>
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2003 10:27:01 +0100

I presume you've been following the most recent developments in the
case?  For the benefit of those that haven't, the latest judgement by the
US courts is that a domain name is in fact a piece of intangible property
and therefore Verisign is liable under tort for allowing this domain name
to be 'stolen'.  The damages case against Verisign is now going ahead and
could be a very interesting precedent.  I know that US cases have no validity
as precedents in Australia but this one may have far-reaching consequences


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>Quoting David Keegel on Thursday August 21, 2003:
>| The survey also talks about "own"ing a domain name/webname.
>| I thought we agreed that you don't own domain names like assets,
>| you license their use for 2 years (like a lease).
>The marketing experts agreed that people don't like the term "lease" and
>"license", they prefer to own things. Don't argue!
>Sorry, cheap shot.. Not trying to start a flame war. :-)
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