international domain news

international domain news

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Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2003 02:09:52 +1000 (EST)
Africa abuzz about IP address proposal
The African Internet community is abuzz following a
proposal to allow organisations in sub-Saharan countries
better access to their own portable Internet address and
that the region be handled as a special case.,2172,67183,00.html

Meeting airs anger against VeriSign
An unprecedented public meeting heard Internet companies
describe in detail difficulties experienced after VeriSign
began redirecting mistyped domain names to its own Web

.au - Special delivery
It's an urgent message, warning you that your domain name
is about to expire. Do you pick up the credit card and pay
or double-check the details? With all the hoaxes, spam and
money scams online, you might be forgiven for eyeing
renewal reminders with suspicion. Unsolicited offers,
reminders and expiry warnings - sometimes many months in
advance - are the kinds of letters that regulators in the
Australian name space frown on.

.de - Behörde droht Unternehmen
Zwischen der Bundesanstalt für Arbeit und dem
Web-Unternehmen 2nd-level ist ein heftiger Streit
entbrannt: Die Behörde will dem Unternehmen mit aller Macht
seine Web-Adresse wegnehmen.,1518,269383,00.html

Sanctions Against Law Firm Vacated in Cybersquatting
Finding that a district court judge abused his discretion,
the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals vacated a decision to
impose $18,000 in sanctions against two New York lawyers in
a cybersquatting dispute.

Police warn world of UK domain scammer
Cambridgeshire Police has taken the unprecedented step of
issuing a global warning about St Neots-based Dot Com

Second SECSAC Meeting to study VeriSign Wildcard
implications set for October 15 2003 at 1 p.m. in
Washington DC.
On September 15, 2003, VeriSign changed the way the COM and
NET registries responded when presented with uninstantiated
names. Instead of returning the standard error code, it
responded with the address of one of its servers. This
change has raised concerns about the stability of the
domain name system. On October 4, 2003, VeriSign
temporarily suspended this change, but the matter remains

GNSO Council Teleconference Agenda - 16 October 2003

World Wide Alliance of Top Level Domain-names
ccTLD ICANN Meetings in Carthage - agenda, documents and

New TLDs, Swiftly: This Is No Beauty Contest!
In response to ICANN's request for proposal (RFP) for the
selection of new sponsored Top-Level Domains, Wendy Seltzer
for the At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) urges ICANN to
move quickly beyond "testing" to more open addition of a
full range of new gTLDs in the near future and offers some
general principles to guide that expansion.

The Beginning of the End of the Internet?
Discrimination, Closed Networks and the Future of
Cyberspace... Just over a month ago, Karl Auerbach asked,
"Is the Internet Dying?". Today, Commissioner Michael J.
Copps, of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in a
speech at the New America Foundation, is asking the very
same question, "Is The Internet As We Know It Dying?" and
warning about FCC policies that damaged media now
threatening the Internet.

SECSAC Special Meeting on Site Finder: A Technical Analysis
After attending the afternoon ICANN Security & Stability
Committee meeting, I realized that the issues involved fall
into several related but independent dimensions. Shy person
that I am *Cough*, I have opinions in all, but I think it's
worthwhile simply to be able to explain the Big Picture to
media and other folks that aren't immersed in our field. In
these notes, I'm trying to maintain neutrality about the
issues. I do have strong opinions about most, but I'll post
those separately, often dealing with one issue at a time.

EDUCAUSE Prepares Mass Purge of .EDU Domains
EDUCAUSE, the exclusive registry operator and registrar of
.edu domain names under a Cooperative Agreement with the
U.S. Department of Commerce, is preparing a mass purge of
.edu domain names. The organization says it is part of the
final phase in a year long project to improve the accuracy
of the WHOIS database for the .edu space.

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