RE: [DNS] Chesley Rafferty just a Brad Norrish front man?

RE: [DNS] Chesley Rafferty just a Brad Norrish front man?

From: Ron Stark <ronstark§>
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2003 00:35:20 +1000
There's no doubt that the notice in question is misleading, if not
deliberately deceptive.  I've had several clients ring to enquire why
their domain name is not registered when they engaged me to look after
it for them.

I'd like to invoice Rafferty & co for all the time I've spent in
redressing the confusion caused by his mailout.

Ron Stark

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> Subject: [DNS] Chesley Rafferty just a Brad Norrish front man?
> Domain Name Australia's latest notice: 
> which is basically the same as this one: 
>> .jpg
> An ACCC 
> media release from 5 December 2002 regarding 
> Brad Norrish's Internet Registrations Australia: 
> Domain Name Reseller to Provide Refunds Following ACCC 
> Federal Court Action 

"The court orders include permanent injunctions stopping IRA from
engaging in similar conduct in the future, requiring it to implement a
trade practices compliance program, to pay an agreed amount of the
ACCC's costs, and declarations that the conduct of IRA had breached
certain provisions of the Trade Practices Act 1974. The misleading
notices were distributed by IRA to approximately 70,000 recipients,
located throughout Australia. Many recipients of the notices did not
have a pre-existing relationship or prior dealings with IRA."

If Chesley Rafferty and Domain Names Australia receive the same
treatment, what's to stop another Brad Norrish clone popping up, fronted
by one of Brad's high school mates?

Brad Norrish + Chesley Rafferty + Jason Namour + Craig Oehlers = Domain
Names Australia?


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