RE: [DNS] Special delivery (Domain Names Australia - Chesley Rafferty)

RE: [DNS] Special delivery (Domain Names Australia - Chesley Rafferty)

From: Josh Rowe <josh§>
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2003 21:21:55 +1000
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> Chesley,
> I may not agree with your tactics,


Your defunct company, Internet Name Group, was once a purveyor of these

> but it's not for me or for anyone else to decide whether they are
> breaking the law, I will leave that to ACCC etc.,

You also have experience in this area:

ACCC obtains injunction against ING
> However Josh, can you please tell us what your agenda is by 
> constantly publishing peoples records online, if you don't 
> have the courage to meet with me anytime personally and 
> explain it, I am more than happy for you to tell the list.

My agenda is very simple: to expose unscrupulous operators in the domain
name industry.

> Playing "super cop" on Australia Posts time is wonderful 

"josh&#167;" is my home email account which I do not access from
Australia Post.  The time now is 9:19pm AEST and I am missing out on The
Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle (Channel 10).  I generally work
8am-6pm Mon-Fri.

Although it is not relevant, here's how Australia Post is doing:

Australia Post Annual Report 2002/2003

"The record profit of $462 million enables Australia Post to continue
its high level of dividend returns to the Commonwealth. Assuming a
normal distribution of 60 per cent of the corporation's after-tax
profit, ordinary dividends declared from the 2002-03 result are expected
to total $200.2 million. A special dividend of $104.1 million was also
paid on 30 June 2003."

> but wouldn't it be better to tell someone you 
> don't like them, in a face to face scenario?

I do not dislike the individual people just their practices.

My advice to domain name slammers is to stop slamming and then I'll stop
exposing them - it worked for you Sasha:

Internet Name Group under administration

Brad Norrish + Chesley Rafferty + Jason Namour + Craig Oehlers = Domain
Names Australia?

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