FW: [DNS] Special delivery (Domain Names Australia - Chesley Rafferty)

FW: [DNS] Special delivery (Domain Names Australia - Chesley Rafferty)

From: Open Your Mind <mail§openyourmind.info>
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2003 22:46:40 +1000

Most people have got on with their lives, however you seem to like
having reminders of ING campaigns on your site, I am flattered for your
sign of respect and admiration.

Secondly nothing you did had anything to do with the ACCC actions
against ING or DNA, you didn't expose anyone then and you didn't expose
anyone now, for a "little man" you seem to have a very high opinion of

You hide behind your computer and constantly make unfounded allegations,
by the way ING is not defunct and has been given back to the original
directors, so if I were you I would get your facts right.


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> Chesley,
> I may not agree with your tactics,


Your defunct company, Internet Name Group, was once a purveyor of these


> but it's not for me or for anyone else to decide whether they are
> breaking the law, I will leave that to ACCC etc.,

You also have experience in this area:

ACCC obtains injunction against ING
> However Josh, can you please tell us what your agenda is by 
> constantly publishing peoples records online, if you don't 
> have the courage to meet with me anytime personally and 
> explain it, I am more than happy for you to tell the list.

My agenda is very simple: to expose unscrupulous operators in the domain
name industry.

> Playing "super cop" on Australia Posts time is wonderful 

"josh&#167;email.nu" is my home email account which I do not access from
Australia Post.  The time now is 9:19pm AEST and I am missing out on The
Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle (Channel 10).  I generally work
8am-6pm Mon-Fri.

Although it is not relevant, here's how Australia Post is doing:

Australia Post Annual Report 2002/2003

"The record profit of $462 million enables Australia Post to continue
its high level of dividend returns to the Commonwealth. Assuming a
normal distribution of 60 per cent of the corporation's after-tax
profit, ordinary dividends declared from the 2002-03 result are expected
to total $200.2 million. A special dividend of $104.1 million was also
paid on 30 June 2003."

> but wouldn't it be better to tell someone you 
> don't like them, in a face to face scenario?

I do not dislike the individual people just their practices.

My advice to domain name slammers is to stop slamming and then I'll stop
exposing them - it worked for you Sasha:

Internet Name Group under administration

Brad Norrish + Chesley Rafferty + Jason Namour + Craig Oehlers = Domain
Names Australia? http://www.whatsinaname.com.au/slammers/


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