international domain news

international domain news

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§>
Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2003 16:41:03 +1000 (EST)
.DE Rules the Roost in Deutschland
The Germans are not only the world’s largest beer drinkers,
but they are among the world’s top ‘consumers’ of Internet
domain names. In absolute numbers, Germany is – after the
United States – the second largest “domain country” in the

.zw - Daily News targets SA web return
The Zimbabwe newspaper shut down last month is planning to
relaunch an online version from neighbouring South Africa.

.us - Bank wins 'sucks' domain case, but protest sites OK
US bank Wachovia Corporation is now the proud owner of the
domain name and two similar names,
following an arbitrator's ruling. But the ruling adds that
'sucks' domains can be protected if they relate to protest

VeryStressed VeriSign
When VeriSign announced in March 2000 that it was buying
domain name company Network Solutions for $21 billion, the
e-commerce software company thought it was getting a cash
cow that would cement its position as a leading force on
the Internet.

ICANN Agenda - 15 October 2003: ICANN Security and
Stability Advisory Committee Meeting
Second Meeting to Gather Facts Relating to Queries of
Uninstantiated Names in Top Level Domains

Room for competition trumps VeriSign profit
In response to the Oct. 6 Perspectives column by Mark
McLaughlin, "Innovation and the Internet": Mark McLaughlin
states that Site Finder is about helping people. I won't
dispute its convenience, but I'm afraid that it appears to
have much more to do with profitability than any altruistic
desire to help people.

WIPO reaffirms legitimate 'suck' sites (reg req'd)
Legitimate protest websites have their place in the domain
name system, a dispute resolution panel affirmed recently.

The .Name Domain Disrupted by Site Finder Patch
The "delegation-only" patch to BIND that was released for
Internet Service Providers and others who wanted to block
Site Finder service is reported to be disrupting emails to
.name emails (that look like 'firstname&#167;'). As
a result, the Global Name Registry has submitted a letter
to ICANN stating.

AIS is about to file a US Federal lawsuit against the
operators of some of the nets top domain name forums. AIS
publishes "Jesus Is Not God" a controversial book about the
biblical errors in the New Testament that contradict the
Old Testament. It is sold at

ICANN and the Almost Invisible New TLD Evaluation Process
There is a worldwide interest in the extension of the
namespace to include new Top-Level Domains (TLDs) and
select new registries to run them. If these New TLDs are to
be selected objectively, and without partisan favours to
insiders, then there is a clear need for criteria and
careful evaluation of lessons gained from previous TLD
launches. This was the principle behind the "Proof of
Concept" approach, promised by ICANN, and yet ICANN appears
to have retreated to a lightweight in-house evaluation,
carried out obscurely, in the hands of selected individual
under a 6-month contract 4 months ago. What have we learned
about Sunrise, about Landrush, about abuse of process,
about implementation and enforcement of agreements, about
registrars who game the system to warehouse names for
themselves, about proposed marketing budgets which
evaporate into thin air?

A storm is bearing down on the domain industry. No one is
quite sure what will still be standing when it passes
through, but it definitely won’t look like Kansas anymore.
The landscape we are all familiar with will be changed for
good if ICANN approves Verisign’s controversial Wait List
Service (WLS). Some people in the business see that as a
good thing, others see it as a death sentence.

I would like to start by presenting some of the premises my
reasoning is based on.  See if these are consistent with
your thinking, whether or not you currently support WLS.

Support for "" will stop on 1/11/2003
Last year, during the shutdown of the EUnet network, the
RIPE NCC offered to temporarily host its NTP server,
"" (, by aliasing the address to
one of our NTP servers. The idea was to give people a
chance to find an alternative NTP server.

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