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international domain news

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Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2003 23:27:12 +1100 (EST)
auDA moves to tighten grip on resellers
Australia's domain name industry regulator has moved to
tighten reseller compliance with its policies and codes in
proposed changes to the current regulatory system.,2000048590,20279920,00.htm

.Au Domain Administration Limited v Domain Names Australia
Pty Ltd in the Federal Court
Judgement with reasons

Judge blocks domain name
A High Court judgement leaves the way open for overseas
companies to prevent New Zealanders from trading on the
internet, a local manufacturer claims. Justice Salmon, in
the High Court in Auckland, granted an interim injunction
in August preventing the manufacturer, Maxwell Rotor, from
using the domain name. A second judgment
this month limited the injunction to the United Kingdom and

.uk - Domain registrar quits under court action
Domain Registrar Services Ltd and its sister company UK
Names won't be selling any more domain names after a
successful court action by Nominet.,39020369,39117247,00.htm

.uk - Nominet Positive Renewals Summary
This document is intended to provide a summary of the new
positive renewals procedure that will be adopted by Nominet
UK in the summer of 2003. We urge all Nominet tag holders
to review these new procedures carefully and to prepare
your own systems for the timely adoption of these

Network boasts a change of address
A group of tech heavyweights announced on Monday that it
has launched the largest North American network that uses
the new Internet address system.

ISC sets up crisis centre to protect domain name system
The Internet Software Consortium has set up a crisis
coordination centre to protect the net's domain name

Anti-scam site beats domain attack
Anti-scam website has been vindicated in a
domain dispute judgement brought by the subject of its
attention - European City Guide.

.cn - MadeForChina loses bid to acquire domain name (again)
As reported towards the end of August on OfficialSpin, Limited—a Cayman Island company run by
American Micah Truman and Brit Byron Constable, commenced
proceedings against MPC Trust to recover the "domain name"

.us - Sanctions Against Law Firm Vacated in Cybersquatting
Finding that a district court judge abused his discretion,
the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals vacated a decision to
impose $18,000 in sanctions against two New York lawyers in
a cybersquatting dispute.

VeriSign puts its security news online
Internet infrastructure company VeriSign last week released
the first of its VeriSign Internet Security Intelligence
Briefing papers. The first paper covers the operation of
Domain Name System (DNS) technology, digital certificates,
and other managed security services.
Verisign's Internet security paper
Bank of Blue Valley sues North American for Web site
The Bank of Blue Valley has filed a trademark infringement
suit against North American Savings Bank over its new
online mortgage Web site. The complaint, filed Tuesday in
federal court in Kansas City, Kan., claims that a former
Blue Valley vice president, Richard Aguilar, registered the
name in June while still working for
the Overland Park-based bank.

ICANN Preliminary Report Special Meeting of the Board
ICANN's Board of Directors held a meeting by teleconference
on 13 October 2003. Directors Vint Cerf (Chair), Ivan Moura
Campos, Lyman Chapin, Mouhamet Diop, Tricia Drakes,
Masanobu Katoh, Veni Markovski, Thomas Niles, Michael D.
Palage, Alejandro Pisanty, Hualin Qian and Paul Twomey were
present. Board Liaisons Steve Crocker (joining late),
Roberto Gaetano, John Klensin, Francisco A. Jesus Silva and
Mohamed Sharil Tarmizi also participated. Daniel Halloran,
ICANN’s Acting Secretary, John Jeffrey, ICANN’s General
Counsel designee, Kurt Pritz, ICANN’s Vice President,
Business Operations designee, and Esme Smith with Jones
Day, counsel to ICANN and acting as secretary for the
meeting, were also in attendance. The Board adopted the
resolutions provided below and engaged in discussion of the
following matters:

The "Sliding Scale" of Personal Jurisdiction Via the
Internet by Christopher McWhinney, Sean Wooden, Jeremy
McKown, John Ryan, and Joseph Green
As is now readily apparent, the Internet has evolved into a
worldwide electronic marketplace for businesses. An
increasingly important question concerning the Internet is
whether this extensive business exposure is accompanied by
a similarly sweeping exposure to civil liability. The
definitive question is whether a court may exercise
personal jurisdiction over a company or individual on the
basis of an Internet website. The developing trend of
United States courts is to apply a slightly modified
personal jurisdiction analysis. Specifically, these courts
examine whether the minimum contacts needed for personal
jurisdiction are present, taking into consideration a
sliding scale quantifying the commercial activity taking
place over the Internet.
Zippo centered on a domain name dispute.7 The plaintiff,
Zippo Manufacturing Corporation ("Zippo Manufacturing")
filed a complaint in the Western District of Pennsylvania
against Zippo Dot Com ("Dot Com") under the Federal
Trademark Act, alleging trademark dilution, infringement,
and false designation. The basis of the trademark claim
against Dot Com was its use of the word "Zippo" in the
domain names it held, in numerous locations on the website
itself, and in the heading of the Internet newsgroup
messages that were posted by Dot Com subscribers. Dot Com
moved to dismiss the case for lack of personal

DNS Gets A Formal Coordination System
CircleID recently interview Paul Vixie, Founder & Chairman
of Internet Software Consortium (ISC), to discuss ISC's
newly formed Operations, Analysis, and Research Center
(OARC). OARC is launched in response to DDoS attacks at the
Internet's core infrastructure and the vital requirement
for a formal coordination system. OARC is also a part of US
homeland security initiatives, such as the formation of
Information Sharing and Analysis Centers (ISACs).
"Registries and registrars, ccTLD operators, large
corporate NOCs, ISPs and ecommerce companies that host many
domain names are all likely candidates. This is also a
natural for law enforcement groups that are worried about
attacks on the Internet."

Internet DNS Set for Explosive Growth
If the Internet is the ultimate postal service, the Domain
Name System (DNS) is its frantic sorting office, expediting
delivery of billions of messages each day by deftly
matching host names to IP addresses. Twenty years after the
Net’s inception, the DNS is now handling a staggering 100
million individual domains -- a figure that will soon be
just the tip of the iceberg, according to DNS inventor Paul

Site Finder as Starting Point for True Innovation Above DNS
Well, I have remained silent on this issue for now --
mainly because of conflicts. I was one of a few members of
the technical advisory group asked by VeriSign to look at
Site Finder and ask the questions -- what does it add, what
does it break, and how can we fix anything it breaks? The
scope of the group was unlimited by any VeriSign edict and
the members were of impeccable individual credentials. This
group has now completed its work so I feel able to comment.

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