[DNS] What's wrong Josh?

[DNS] What's wrong Josh?

From: Jason N <jason§di.com.au>
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2003 13:44:20 +0800
I agree, there's way too much whinging going on and too many "assumptions"
that are grossly misleading and untrue. Once i again for some reason Josh
"Inspector Gadget" Rowe keeps trying to slander my name and accuse me of
being involved in domain slamming. Well mr rowe, if you have any proof that
i have ever sent a letter out asking for a domain renewal then please go
ahead and prove it to me because as far as i know what i do has absolutely
nothing to do with domain names.

Alot of your "proof" that you seem to think matters is well over 2 years
old. Not sure if you realise this but people do move on in life, seems
you're stuck in the past.

As a director of auda before making accusations of  "domain name slamming"
do you even know what "domain name slamming" refers to?

What's wrong Josh, what have you got against me?  What have i done to
deserve these harsh personal accusations?

I'll ask you nicely to cease using my name in any of your future posts or on
your website. Thank you.



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> Does anyone else get sick of the constant whinging that a select few keep
> carrying on with?  Get over it guys.  If it is too hard to be
> professional, become a member of parliment and save your bitching for
> parliment question time.
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