domain news - 12 November

domain news - 12 November

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Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2003 23:14:06 +1100 (EST)
Icann launches initiative for generic top-level domains
"Icann has now moved forward with a programme to introduce
further competition and choice in the top-level domain
markets," said Paul Twomey, president and chief executive
officer of Icann. "We are opening up the process for which
TLDs [top-level domains] can be applied for."

ICANN addresses its critics
ICANN, the technical co-ordination body of the internet,
announced on Friday that it is to streamline the top level
domain name approval process, and it will also be assessing
technical standards for permitting multilingual domains.

'DDoS' Attacks Still Pose Threat to Internet
On October 21, 2002, people around the world cruised
through cyberspace the way they do every day -- bidding on
auctions, booking airline reservations, sending e-mail --
all the while unaware that someone was working overtime to
try to bring the Internet to its knees. Around 5 p.m.
Eastern time, operators of the Internet's root servers, the
computers that provide the roadmap for all online traffic,
saw an unnaturally large spike in the amount of incoming
data. It was a "distributed denial-of-service attack," a
concentrated attempt to throw so much information at the
servers that they would shut down.

ICANN-Registrar:Kostenlose Vorbestellung von de-domains mit
Achtung: Es klingt zwar paradox, aber es ist zu Zeit nicht
möglich de-domains mit deutschen Umlauten/Sonderzeichen zu
registrieren. Die multilinguale Domainregistrierung wird in
vielen Sprachen durch eine US-amerikanische Software
ermöglicht. Domains mit deutschen Umlauten und
Sonderzeichen sind zur Zeit nur bei den com, net, org und
cc-domains, tv-domains und bz-domains möglich.

ASK DOCTOR LAW - Anti-cybersquatting act offers protection
Q: Although our family business has manufactured and sold
custom furniture for more than 100 years, and our company
name is well-known worldwide, we didn't join the technology
revolution until last year. We automated, computerized and
decided to launch an Internet website. But when we tried to
reserve our domain name, we found that it was already
registered by another company. We did some research and
found that their business was just buying popular names and
then selling them back to the real owners for a premium. We
requested they release our name, but they refused unless we
also paid a large sum to them. Can they do this? It sounds

An Unsanctioned Whois Database
Mark Jeftovic of easyDNS Technologies Inc. has posted an
item on ICANN's "GNSO" registrars' mailing list titled
"unsanctioned Whois concepts". In that item he suggests
that the control and actual publication of contact
information about a domain be put into the zone file
itself, a file maintained by the registrant (purchasor) of
the domain name.

DOT CX policy review
Dot CX is requesting input from interested parties on
revisions to various CX ccTLD policies. The revisions are
designed to assist in the interpretation of the Acceptable
use Policy and the CX ccTLD Privacy Policy. Please follow
the <> policy link
above to download the draft policies in pdf format.
Comments may be publicly posted at
<> or sent by email
to draft.policy&#167; The comment period ends at the close
of bussiness November 11th 2003 (1700 Christmas Island Time
- GMT+7)

The Cyber-Sociology of Domain Names
Erica Wass is the editor and contributing author of the
recently published book, "Addressing the World: National
Identity and Internet Country Code Domains," (Rowman &
Littlefield, October 2003). This book is an edited
collection of original essays by domain name
administrators, academics, journalists and lawyers that
examine the connections between various cultures and the
use and regulation of their country code domain names.
CircleID recently caught up with Erica Wass to gain a
better insight into the work behind this book. What follows
is the first article of a three-part series where Erica
shares her insight and discoveries that lead her to a
sophisticated global perspective on "Addressing the world".
She begins by examining cyber-sociology of ccTLDs -- the
underlying theme of the book.

Global Name Registry will open up its second level for
registrations, meaning names like will be
Opening the .name second level solves the complexities that
.name has had with its third level product. It has over the
past 12 months been hard or difficult for registrars and
resellers to adapt their systems and products to integrate
with the 3rd level registrations that was previously the
only available, i.e. domain name registrations like
'' and email addresses of the type


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