RE: [DNS] What do these each mean and how?

RE: [DNS] What do these each mean and how?

From: AtomDNS <AtomDNS§>
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2003 08:52:38 +1100
The statuses in question lock a domain and it is usually because of a dispute.

Remember, the server-side statuses can only be removed by the registry and the purpose is to block client-side requests, thus ensuring that nothing happens to the domain whilst it's in dispute.

serverDeleteProhibited rejects any deletion requests on the domain.

serverTransferProhibited rejects any transfer request on the domain.

serverUpdateProhibited rejects any attempt to update the domain.

I hope eveyone is 100% clear now on what the statuses mean and why they are used.

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> Status:                  serverDeleteProhibited
> Status:                  serverTransferProhibited
> Status:                  serverUpdateProhibited

Here's how we see AusRegistry use them:

serverDeleteProhibited - I've never seen this one used on any domain. Theoretically it means that
the registry (AusRegistry in this case) is not allowed to delete the domain.  No Idea why this would
be used.

serverTransferProhibited - Only really used on the promotional domains.  A 'free' domain
is not allowed to be transferred between registrars.  This status is removed by the registry once
the domain has been paid for.

serverUpdateProhibited - This is set when a domain expires.  As soon as the expiry date passes the
domain is no longer allowed to be updated (can't change nameservers, contacts etc).  If you initiate
a transfer or renewal of the domain, then this status is removed.


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