domain news - 14 November

domain news - 14 November

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§>
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2003 23:36:31 +1100 (EST)
Plan for UN to run internet 'will be shelved'
An attempt by developing countries to put management of the
internet under United Nations auspices is likely to be
shelved at next month's world information summit.

ICANN announces domain name changes
The number of top-level domains will increase under new
proposals put forward by the Internet's governing body.,39020330,39117669,00.htm

Net domain options to be reviewed
The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
(Icann) has announced a review of the way it chooses and
launches new generic top-level domains (GTLDs).

ccTLD ICANN Meetings in Carthage, Tunisia, 26-28 October
2003 - Documents

ICANN Transfers - Inter-Registrar Transfers Policy
The new transfer policy is intended to provide a procedure
for the smooth transition of a domain name from one
registrar to another when such a change is requested by the
domain name holder. The Transfer Task Force Group has
developed 29 policy recommendations for guiding such
transfers. The Transfer Assistance Group (TAG) along with
ICANN Staff, is currently in the process of implementing
the new transfer procedures, based on the 29 policy
recommendations, approved by the ICANN Board.

Domain name committee to start drafting oversight rules
The Information Technology and E-Commerce Council (ITECC)
and the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) will
start drafting the rules for overseeing domain name
registration in the Philippines.

.uk - Renew or lose
Up until now, anyone with a website address ending in dot
uk has been able to hang onto it indefinitely.

.nz - Internet fraud: Regulator helpless on domain-name
The Commerce Commission can do little to prevent internet
domain-name scamsters from preying on unsuspecting

Microsoft forgets to renew domain
Microsoft was busy covering up an almighty cock-up last
night after forgetting to renew its domain

Microsoft ends silence on hotmail domain SNAFU
Microsoft has at last commented on the blunder that
resulted in its lapsed domain being snapped
up by a private individual.

Whois database 'contributes to fraud and ID theft'
Whois, an online database that contains personal
information about internet domain name holders, is a major
contributor to identity theft and defies advice from the
Federal Trade Commission (FTC), according to a group of
civil liberties organisations.,39024667,39116803,00.htm

Bad Journalism, IPv6, and the BBC
Here's a good way to frighten yourself: Learn about
something, and then read what the press writes about it.
It's astonishing how often flatly untrue things get
reported as facts. I first observed this back in 1997 when
I was a Democratic lawyer in the U.S. House of
Representatives working on the (rather ridiculous) campaign
finance investigation. (The investigating committee's
conspiracy-minded chairman was famous for shotgunning
pumpkins in his backyard in order to figure out exactly how
Hillary snuffed Vince Foster)...More recently, I've seen
the same discouraging phenomenon in reporting on technology
and, in particular, the Internet.

ICANN board squatter dies
Infamous ICANN board squatter Hans Kraaijenbrink has died.

ICANN Mourns Loss of Former Board Member

Web hijack riles Belkin router users
Belkin is trying to defuse a potentially embarrassing
situation that arose after network administrators learned
the company's routers can periodically hijack users' Web
connection and display an advertisement for parental
control software.

VeriSign Is Betting on Its Tech Edge
It's an Internet play. No, it's a telecom play. No, it's a
security play. Actually, VeriSign (VRSN:Nasdaq - commentary
- research) is all of the above, and that's probably why
many investors are so confused about the company.

British Meat Commission Gets Cooked - from
In a UDRP decision released by WIPO November 4, Britain's
Meat and Livestock Commission failed in its case against
the operator of a protest website critical of the British
meat industry.  WIPO Panelist Jonathan Turner found that
registrant David Pearce had rights and legitimate interests
in using and in connection
with a non-commercial website critical of BRITISH MEAT.

iDotz.Net Launches New Domain Reseller System
BRS Media, parent company to domain registrar iDotz.Net,
launched yesterday the iRRP.Net - iDotz.Net Registrar
Reseller Program (, a domain registration and
domain reseller management system designed for Internet
service providers, domain registrars, Web hosting companies
and Web design firms.

IPv6 Behind the Wall
IPv6 has technology advantages over IPv4, and most of them
will not be seen by the end user any more than users see
features added to other extensions to the Internet Protocol
suite, sensors on their automobiles, or from any core
technology evolution. This article focuses on three of
those IPv6 technology advantages "Behind the Wall."


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