questions re's and .com's

questions re's and .com's

From: Sandra Caballero <webdesign§>
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2003 16:52:17 +1030
Hi all,

Can someone please answer a few questions for me or point me in the 
right direction for current details?

I will mention that I have a little problem .... a client asked us to 
take over their Web site, which included managing their domain name.

Unfortunately, I discovered that although the Registrant on the record 
is the name the client's business name, the Owner Name and Contact 
details reflect the previous Web designer's name and email.

1. We are not having any luck in getting this corrected. Would an 
option be to just transfer the domain name to a new Registrar and 
correct those details in the process?

2. Also, can a domain be transferred any time or only within 90 of 

3. And when a is transferred ... let's say 60 days prior to 
expiry, does that move the expiry date out by 60 days?

4. Also, just curious ... is this different for .com domain names?

5.  I've also been trying to transfer a .com without any luck. Nothing 
seems to happen. Can anyone tell me where the rules are for Registrars 
re the process of transfer. One Registrar I'm dealing with sends 
"accept/decline" emails directly to the Owner/Admin. So, usually no 
hassles and the transfers go through OK.   However, several other 
Registrars I deal with, send a notice to the losing Registrar first for 
"approval", and they in turn are meant to send the send the 
"accept/decline" email to the Owner/Admin.

Thanks for any info or direction as to where to find the up-to-date 
rules for both .com's and's

Regards, Sandra
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