domain news - 18 November

domain news - 18 November

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Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2003 23:18:54 +1100 (EST)
Melbourne IT completes Domainz purchase
Melbourne IT today completed settlement of its AU$1.5
million purchase of New Zealand-based domain registrar

The Domain Name Game
It was easy to liken domain registrations in the 1990s to
the California gold rush a century earlier. Folks would dig
a little, stake their claim, and hope for the best. And
some of the early birds who managed to register popular
generic words like and did walk away
with millions.

Tech Summit to Tackle Net Issues
Who controls the Internet and how richer nations should
subsidize its growth in poorer countries are central issues
dividing planners a month ahead of the first U.N. summit on
information technology.,1282,61155,00.html

GNSO Council Teleconference Agenda - 20/11/03

The UDRP: The Globalization of Trademark Rights by David
This article is a study of the conflict between different
perspectives on the problem of trademarks as domain names
on the internet.

Trademark Law on the Internet: Will It Scale? The Challenge
to Develop International Trademark Law by David Maher
The rapid growth of the Internet has had at least one
unintended effect: a serious collision between the
efficient functioning of the domain name system (DNS) and
the claims of trademark owners. The architects of the DNS
originally attempted to sidestep trademark issues (cf. RFC
1591), but the courts in the U.S. and other countries have
clearly recognized that domain names can have trademark
implications. In order to reduce or eliminate the
conflicts, proposals have been made to change the DNS so
that all domain names are meaningless, perhaps random
combinations of letters and numbers (analogous to telephone
numbers); other proposals call for the creation of new
top-level domains. Moving to a DNS with meaningless word
and number combinations would likely make all the trademark
problems disappear, but this proposal seems to have almost
no support. The proposals for creation of new top-level
domains will alleviate some of the trademark problems that
have already arisen, but there remain other problems that
may be equally difficult to resolve.

VeriSign's New Security Seal Too Trusting?
On November 4, 2003, VeriSign announced a new "trust
enhancing" seal which they built using Macromedia's Flash
technology...While there are problems inherent to
VeriSign's approach that call into question their
understanding of "The Value of Trust," there are ways they
could have made this particular implementation less
trivially spoofable. The flaws I demonstrate on this page
are flaws in the concept and the execution rather than
anything inherently flawed in Flash. Overall this kind of
graphical "trustmark" is extremely easy to forge just by
recreating the artwork. But in this case, you don't even
have to do that. The seal can still be called directly off
the VeriSign servers, yet it is easily modified, without
recreating artwork, and without doing anything untoward
with VeriSign's servers!

Blacklisting Under Wrong Assumptions
If you analyze the relay of spam- and malware-containing
email circulating on the Internet purely through your mail
server logs (running the Unix command "tail"), a large
proportion seem to come from Asia Pacific hosts, especially
those from mainland China. Therefore, many less-experienced
systems administrators have simply blocked the access from
subnets of Chinese or Asian origin, effectively destroying
the fabric of the Internet -- messaging. If administrators
took pains to analyze these supposedly Asian spam messages
by analyzing the full Internet headers, they would have
realized that the Asian servers were merely used by the
real spammers as open relays, or perhaps as zombie hosts
previously infected with the mass mailing worms through the
exploitation of operating system vulnerabilities.

1&1 Sees Jump in Registrations
Based on the latest figures for domain
registrations, 1&1 Internet is the United Kingdom’s number
one Web host, the company said on Monday. According to the
company, 1&1 registered 9,000 domains from October 21
to November 3, almost 700 more than the nearest competitor.
The company also said it is the largest host in the world,
based on Netcraft's latest Web server survey.


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