.com query

.com query

From: Sandra Caballero <webdesign§virtualvisions.com.au>
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2003 18:04:22 +1030

I'm not sure if it is acceptable to query or seek info re transerring 
.com domain names on this auda list, but thought I'd give it try!

Anyone here have experience in transferring .com's and the rules and 
regs of ICANN that are applicable to .com's?

I have had this ongoing problem trying to get several domains 
transferred from Joker.com to any other Registrar for months now.

The domains were registered through RegistryWeb who are Resellers for 
Joker.com. They say they have nothing to do with transfers "away" from 
them, only "to" them. So will not extend any help.  Nevertheless, from 
what I understand re ICANN policies ... the Registrar is responsible 
for the Reseller in the end,  and all goes through the Registrar, of 

Anyway, in reading ICANN rules of Transfer ... they say that if the 
owner of the domain approves, and -- if there are no objections from 
the losing Registrar or if they do not respond -- within 5 days, then 
the transfer should go through automatically.

However, this doesn't seem to be the case.  Several different Receiving 
Registrars I've dealt with over this year, all seem to have some sort 
of protocol or courtesy towards the losing  Registrar -- which includes 
"waiting for approval".  If they don't hear from the losing Registrar, 
then nothing happens. Of course, Registrars like Joker.com just ignore 
any requests of transfer, ... so the transfer doesn't go through.

The receiving Registrar's say their hands are tied.  The losing 
Reseller/Registrar (RegistryWeb and Joker.com) either don't reply to 
queries regarding the matter or say they have not received any requests.

I've tried over and over and many different ways ... but to no avail. 
Can anyone shed any light or extend any advice?

It would be most appreciated.

Many thanks, Sandra
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