Re: [DNS] .com query

Re: [DNS] .com query

From: cpaul <inc§>
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2003 09:30:09 +1100
On Thu, 27 Nov 2003 08:46:22 +1030
Sandra Caballero <webdesign&#167;> wrote:

> I've read about "opening a transfer window" etc .... but I have a  
> problem. You see, the domains were registered through RegistryWeb (one  
> of SpecialistWeb's).  Anyway, because it went through them, I can't get  
> into to open this transfer window. I've opened an account on  
> their system and tried to log in and transfer, but says I'm not  
> authorised. (Even though my email address is that of the owner for the  
> domain name.)
> Do you know how I can get passed that?

Did you try the old system as well?

Other than that, you might like to contact me off-list with
details of the domain so I can do a whois/etc.


Chris Langlands
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