Re: [DNS] .com query

Re: [DNS] .com query

From: Sandra Caballero <webdesign§>
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2003 08:46:22 +1030
Thanks for this feedback Chris,

I've read about "opening a transfer window" etc .... but I have a  
problem. You see, the domains were registered through RegistryWeb (one  
of SpecialistWeb's).  Anyway, because it went through them, I can't get  
into to open this transfer window. I've opened an account on  
their system and tried to log in and transfer, but says I'm not  
authorised. (Even though my email address is that of the owner for the  
domain name.)

Do you know how I can get passed that?

Thanks again, Sandra

On Wednesday, Nov 26, 2003, at 18:25 Australia/South, cpaul wrote:

> On Wed, 26 Nov 2003 18:04:22 +1030
> Sandra Caballero <webdesign&#167;> wrote:
>> The receiving Registrar's say their hands are tied.  The losing
>> Reseller/Registrar (RegistryWeb and either don't reply to
>> queries regarding the matter or say they have not received any  
>> requests.
>> I've tried over and over and many different ways ... but to no avail.
>> Can anyone shed any light or extend any advice?
> Transferring away from a Joker/Joker-CORE reseller is not easy.  I
> recently spent about a month trying to get a name transferred out of
> there, in the end we let registration lapse, waited through the re-
> demption period, and then re-registered the domain once it expired.
> But if you are able to log in to Joker's system, either the current
> system or the 'old Joker-CORE' system, you should find an option to
> 'open a transfer window'.  Once you initiate this, you wait 10 days
> or so before a 3 day window magically opens - then you can initate
> the transfer from your end.
> This 'window' is supposedly Joker's way of complying with local law.
> Good luck
> Chris Langlands
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