domain name news - 27 November

domain name news - 27 November

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§>
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2003 13:28:11 +1100 (EST)
China tightens its rules on Internet address managers
China has issued stricter rules for companies that manage
Internet addresses, in a move analysts said was designed to
improve service standards as well as tighten control over
sensitive information in the burgeoning sector.

Registry firm for .ie to be regulated (reg may be req'd)
IE Domain Registry (IEDR), the company that operates
Ireland's .ie internet system, will be regulated from next
year by the Commission for Communications Regulation

Domain owner seeks to revolutionise Scottish legal system
An aggrieved domain name owner has embarked on a campaign
to revolutionise the Scottish legal system by ending the
Law Society of Scotland’s “monopoly” on legal services.

Draft Terms of Reference: Procedure for use by ICANN for
contractual approvals or contractual amendments to allow
changes in the architecture or operation of a TLD registry
Description of Task Force: ICANN has agreements with
registry operators (for unsponsored TLDs) and sponsors (for
sponsored TLDs). In the agreements, ICANN designates the
operator (or sponsor) as the sole operator (or sponsoring
organization) for the TLD. In exchange, the operator or
sponsor agrees that the TLD registry will be operated
according to various specifications, policies, and other
requirements. These agreements constrain the freedom of a
TLD registry or sponsor to make changes in the architecture
or operation of the registry that would not conform with
those agreements, absent ICANN's prior consent. ICANN has
agreed that it will not unreasonably withhold or delay this

GNSO Council Carthage Meeting Minutes

GNSO Council Teleconference Agenda - 2 December 2003

WHOIS Task Forces working mailing lists
WHOIS Task Force 1 Restricting Access
WHOIS Task Force 2 Review of data collected and displayed
WHOIS Task Force 3 Improving accuracy of collected data

Promotion Tip: Are Hyphenated Domain Names A Good Buy?
Many webmasters avoid using hyphens in domain names because
visitors might get confused and enter the wrong URL. But
some promotion experts claim that the potential for search
engine success makes the hyphens worth the risk.

Beginner Tip: Get The Most From Your Domain Name
You've probably heard that "all the good domain names are
taken", but that's just not the case. However, domain names
are getting longer and harder to read at a glance. Make
your site's URL easy for visitors to read and remember by
emphasizing it online and in your printed literature.

Webcaster Alliance Petitions ICANN to Open GO DADDY
Webcaster Alliance, Inc. has begun the process of formally
petitioning the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and
Numbers (ICANN) to open an investigation into the domain
registration practices of GO DADDY Software, Inc., for
potential violations of the ICANN Registrar Accreditation
Agreement (RAA).

GoDaddy sorry for anonymity snafu
Leading domain registrar GoDaddy Inc. says that it's
"learned a lesson" after an internal mistake removed a
trade website from the web for a month. The Webcaster
Alliance, which represents Internet broadcasters, lost its
website a month ago - the last thing it needed as it was
preparing an antitrust action against the mighty Recording
Industry Association of America, the RIAA.


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