NetSol and AU nameservers

NetSol and AU nameservers

From: Mark Constable <markc§>
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2003 19:07:09 +1000
5 years ago I set up some registered *-HST nameservers
with Network Solutions because I was under the impression that
was the right thing to do in those pre-AUDA days. Our systems
have been working off this setup since then and TWICE (at least)
I have gone to NetSol in the past and changed the IPs for these
nameservers... which must have worked or we would have obviously
been unoperational as an ISP. We recently got a new allocation
of IPs from APNIC so I went to do what I thought was normal and
change the IPs of these nameservers as I have done in the past.

Now, however NetSol say that I must make these changes locally
with my national nameserver registry, which I guess is AUDA,
or via the AU registry for this domain. I've contacted Intaserve,
the registry for the domain itself, and they advised the best
thing to do is forget the old nameservers and create 4 new ones
with the AUDA and take it from there.

Fine... except we have at least 200 vhosted domains that all
need to have their nameserver entries changed from the old NS
entries to these new ones. This is not impossible to do but I
am pissed off that I can't do what I used to be able to with
NetSol and have no explanation as to why or when this change
of the NS guard happened.

If could at least be assurred from NetSol that the old entries
would be deleted from the face of the planet I could go with the
new ones and just update all our vhosts, but even that remains
an unanswerred issue.

The kicker is... what happens when we give our old IP range back
to APNIC and they then reallocate them to someone else... what
happens to the 4 IPs currently (or were) allocated to our original
4 nameservers when someone else goes to (re)use those same IPs
in the future ?

Anyway, any advice as to the best way to go in this situaion would
be appreciated.

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