RE: [DNS] Scammers and slammers - a consequence

RE: [DNS] Scammers and slammers - a consequence

From: Josh Rowe <josh§>
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2003 20:13:11 +1100

I am aware of one case where a registrant was so conditioned to ignoring
domain name "notices" that he totally disregarded a real Melbourne IT
renewal notice, so his domain name lapsed and his web site and email stopped

His response was to "ditch .au domain names completely" (his words) and go
with a gTLD instead.


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About a month ago I mailed out an important letter regarding domain
names under my control to some 35 registrants.  Only 3 acted on that
letter.  I have since taken the trouble to individually telephone some
of those that failed to act.

To a man the response was (to paraphrase) "We get so much junk mail
about domain names, mostly looking like renewal invoices or notices,
that we just bin them all now.  Why - was your letter important or

Those junk domain name mailouts obviously have long term ramifications
on any attempts that auDA or individual providers may undertake to try
and educate registrants.  It's getting harder all the time to protect
registrants from their own ignorance.

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