Re: [DNS] ebay auctions

Re: [DNS] ebay auctions

From: DVDs - Paul <paul§>
Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2003 20:21:38 +1100

Thanks i will definitely look into this.


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  Paul, there already has been considerable discussion on this very
  subject - the list archives of early 2002 or thereabouts should find it.
  Infortunately I don't have the exact references for you.

  In essence, though, you cannot sell a domain name per se - but you can
  sell the entity that owns the licence, and thereby the domain name with

  What I'm not clear about, however, is what happens in this scenario:

  I run a business called Smelly Sox Pty Ltd, and I do a roaring trade in
  second hand hosiery from my website  I want to
  sell that website, and the business it generates, to Sports Footwear Pty
  Ltd.  With or without my permission, Sports Footwear Pty Ltd registers a
  business name Smelly Sox Online.

  Question:  Can I "sell" or otherwise transfer the _business_ of Smelly
  Sox Pty Ltd, but not the Company as such, thereby to
  the business name Smelly Sox Online, who qualifies as a  registrant for, but nevertheless owned by Sports Footwear Pty Ltd?

  If not, can Smelly Sox Pty Ltd register the business name Smelly Sox
  Online, make that the registrant (as it's a wholly owned trading name of
  the original registrant), then sell that trading name to another party,
  complete with its domain?

  Legal eagles - any comment?

  Ron Stark

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  > re : ebay auctions
  > I feel there should be some method in which you can sell a 
  > website that you have taken years to build up to be a 
  > successful equity in which obviously the domain goes hand in 
  > hand (would be worthless without).
  > But to blatantly offer for auction a domain with no adjoining 
  > website is a different situation.
  > PJ.

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