RE: [DNS] domain name news - 3 December

RE: [DNS] domain name news - 3 December

From: Ron Stark <ronstark§>
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2003 07:30:49 +1100
David, I think your news is a great "quick take" on what's going on.
Sure, some items may have been posted by Josh, but most haven't.  I
don't expect every article to be of interest, but it saves me a whole
lot of effort.  I don't have the time (or inclination) to search for
domain-name items that have been published, so I rely heavily on yours.

Thank you for the service you're providing.

Ron Stark

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> Quoting David Goldstein on Tuesday December 02, 2003:
> | 
> | Just a quick note to say that I'm always interested in 
> feedback on the 
> | news. Also any news items people think are worthwhile including are 
> | more than welcome, especially those from sources you don't 
> see much of 
> | in my news.
> My feedback would be that most of the articles are either
>   a) Already sent to the list by other people like Josh.
>   b) Already sent to me days before by Google news. I just have a few
>      keywords like "ICANN" and "domain name" in their email 
> service and it
>      automatically emails me news articles that contain those 
> words from
>      most of your news sources. See
>   c) Usually well worn issues that have come up on other 
> lists or here.
> So, for me, I don't really get any value from it. It would be 
> more useful to have some sort of analysis or distillation of 
> the meaning of the articles and relevance, rather than just 
> URLs and cut and pasting the first paragraph.
> I know you do this for free so I don't have any expectations. 
> Also I also admit my interests are fairly peculiar, so all IMHO only.
> kim
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