From: Bruce Tonkin <Bruce.Tonkin§>
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2003 13:47:51 +1100
Hello David,

> Any Ideas as to how it would/could work It would take weeks and weeks 
> just to go through and check up on every domain name and be a costly 
> excersise but could there be someway of the general public if they 
> stumble over these types of things to be able to inform auDA 
> of it and 
> supply all the info they can find publicly for it to be looked into?

Actually there is a complaints handling policy for such situations.


In particular note the following:

"3.1	Where a person believes that a registrant is not eligible to
hold their domain 
name licence, that person should contact the registrar of record for the
domain name 
(disclosed on the WHOIS service).  

3.2	On receipt of a complaint about the eligibility of a registrant,
the registrar 
must reconfirm the eligibility details of the registrant (for example,
check that the 
registrant's business name registration is still current). If the
eligibility details 
are current, the registrar is not required to take any further action.  

3.3	If the eligibility details are not current, the registrar must
contact the 
registrant to request that they update their eligibility details within
14 calendar 
days. The registrar must use reasonable commercial endeavours to contact
the registrant 
(for example, if an email bounces, the registrar should attempt to
contact the registrant 
by phone or fax)."

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