domain name news - 8 December

domain name news - 8 December

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§>
Date: Sun, 7 Dec 2003 21:44:14 +1100 (EST)
.au - Domain names for communities
Australian domain names restricted for use by community
website portals are being planned, with domain
administrator auDA calling for community feedback.

Think Web's virtually government free? Think again by
Michael Geist (Toronto Star)
The World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), which
will be held next week in Geneva, promises to be one of the
most interesting technology-related events in recent
memory. The result of months of discussion, the meeting
will attract more than 50 heads of state and 6,000
delegates who will address issues from the digital divide
to Internet governance.

A U.N. grab for Internet control?
A global summit set for next week in Geneva is expected to
provide the venue for a plan to put the Internet under
United Nations control.

At the Moment, No One Governs the Internet
What's remarkable about this moment is that the hot potato
of DNS standard-setting is still up in the air. The US
government didn't want to appear to be in charge, and
wanted to convince European governments that it wasn't in
charge, and so it created (or called for the creation of)
ICANN. ICANN was designed to keep other governments at bay.
ICANN has, however, no particular delegated power beyond
that accorded to it by the contracts it has signed with
registries and registrars. In fact, it can't have more
power than that, because if it pretends to be a regulatory
agency it should be complying with the APA -- and if it
pretends to be a regulator its private nature probably
violates US law in a number of respects.

.uk - Misleading domain name calls 'tip of the iceberg'
The UK Office of Fair Trading has reported that a
Swansea-based company offering an internet domain name
registration service has agreed not to make misleading
statements to businesses following enforcement action.

Website of .name registry hacked
The main website of the .name registry was hacked over the
weekend, a company official has confirmed.

.za - 46664 Concert Site Hits Snag
A Tiscali domain name server (DNS) caused the
site, which will stream this weekend's 46664 HIV/AIDS
benefit concert to users around the world, to go down

Identify and conquer
For the past 20 years, domain name service (DNS) servers
have been quietly converting internet protocol (IP)
addresses into routes across the internet, turning the web
address you type into your browser into both the IP address
of the machine running the web server you want and
instructions for how to send the information you want to
see. DNS is the way email messages know how to get from
your computer to the mail server that passes them on to the
person you've addressed them to. It's the underpinning for
directory services such as Microsoft's Active Directory.
And in the future, it could be the way you make a phone
call or find in which room you left your favourite DVD.,3605,1093538,00.html

Domain names and trademark law By Dr. Decateur Reed
Anne has been trying to put herself through school for the
past two years by baking and selling her irresistibly
delicious desserts. Her pies have won awards in numerous
county fairs, her cookies were featured in a local public
television spot, and demand for her healthy “Pineapple Down
Under Cake” has come in from as far away as Australia. The
desserts are so delicious that some have even alleged that
they are aphrodisiacal in their appeal. Anne has decided to
capitalize on the Internet’s ability to market her products
worldwide at minimal cost, but is concerned with the legal
aspects of domain names and trademark law.

Porsche domain
A WIPO panel ruled in favor of Porsche in a DN dispute
against APS holding that the registration in the same DN,, of the trademarks of two competitors is a
clear act of bad faith.

.ca – Domain name dispute jurisdiction
The British Columbia Supreme Court ruled it had
jurisdiction in a domain name dispute involving a
Samoa-based defendant with no business presence in the

Panel Adopts Unique Approach In Granting Transfer of Domain
Names Containing Trademarks of Others Nov. 25, 2003 
In a decision issued by National Arbitration Forum Panelist
Hon. Charles K. McCotter, AOL prevailed in its case against
the registrant of six domain names containing the AOL and
"WORLD WIDE WOW" trademarks, along with one domain name
containing the TiVO trademark.

Should California continue to grant tax exemptions to
purported public-benefit corporations that do not really
benefit the public? by Karl Auer
As many of you know, I live in California. And as you also
probably know, we Californians' have not only a new
governor but also a state budget that is out of balance (in
the bad direction) by many billions of dollars. Today I
sent the following letter to our new governor suggesting
that he inquire into certain tax exemptions granted to
corporations that claim, without meaningful foundation for
that claim, to exist for the purpose of benefiting the


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