domain name news - 11 December

domain name news - 11 December

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§>
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2003 21:43:50 +1100 (EST)
WIPO Publication: Dispute Resolution for the 21st Century
This publication provides an overview of the resources and
services offered by the Center. We encourage you to read it
and to contact our staff if you require further information
or wish to review your dispute resolution options in

WIPO Publication: Guide to WIPO Domain Name Dispute
This brochure provides a practical guide to the domain name
dispute resolution service of the WIPO Center. It contains
an overview of the dispute resolution procedure,
case-filing guidelines, and information on resources
offered. Case statistics of the WIPO Center are also

WIPO End Report on Case Administration under the Start-Up
Trademark Opposition Policy for .biz
The first purpose is to report on the functionality of one
of the options for providing trademark protection during
the introductory phase of a new gTLD. It is recalled that
one of ICANN's selection criteria for new gTLDs was their
potential for providing "proof of concept" concerning
possible additions to the domain name system and the
options for implementing them, including appropriate
intellectual property protection. The introduction of any
further gTLDs will require careful examination of prior
experience with the various options. The second purpose of
this Report is to provide a summary of decision trends
under STOP that may be of comparative interest for
decisions under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution
Policy (UDRP). Also available in French and Spanish.

Why WIPO Does Not Like the UDRP
The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) -- the
same organization whose head recently equated intellectual
property infringement with terrorism -- has been pressing
ICANN to add domain name monopolies on the names of
countries, and the names and acronyms of inter-governmental
organizations, into the Uniform Domain Name
Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP). Despite the fact that
no-one but WIPO seems to want these new exclusions, a
working group has nonetheless been convened to study their

Fight for control of the Net erupts at U.N.
A controversial plan to grant governments broad controls
over the Internet has stolen the spotlight of a United
Nations conference on IT next week, where China and Cuba
will be among its strongest supporters.

Rifts mar digital divide summit
The aim of the World Summit on the Information Society is
to come up with a global plan to ensure everyone has access
to information and communications technologies.

U.N. Summit to Focus on Internet
Leaders from almost 200 countries will convene next week in
Geneva to discuss whether an international body such as the
United Nations should be in charge of running the Internet,
which would be a dramatic departure from the current
system, managed largely by U.S. interests.

Reporters Without Borders says its voice will be heard
despite exclusion from world information summit
"Despite our being banned from the World Summit on the
Information Society (WSIS), we will ensure that our voice
is heard loud and clear there," Reporters Without Borders
secretary-general Robert Ménard said. "An original and
news-worthy form of protest will be announced at the news
conference," he added. (English) (Francais)
HRIC Excluded From World Summit On the Information Society

Africa's Media Gear Up for Information Society Summit
A special African multimedia news team has been assembled
to cover the World Summit on the Information Society in
Geneva next week. The newly-formed Highway Africa News
Agency (HANA) will send 12 journalists and students from
six African countries to the summit, which begins on

ICANN, WSIS and the Making of a Global Civil Society - Part
This is the second part of a two-part series interview by
Geert Lovink with Milton Mueller discussing ICANN, World
Summit on the Information Society, and the escalating
debates over Internet Governance. Read the first part of
this Interview here. Geert Lovink: "Confronted with
Internet governance many cyber activists find themselves in
a catch 22 situation. On the one hand they do not trust
government bureaucrats to run the Internet, out of a
justified fear that regulation through multilateral
negotiations might lead to censorship and stifle
innovation. On the other hand they criticize the corporate
agendas of the engineering class that is anything but
representative. What models should activists propose in the
light of the World Summit on the Information Society
(WSIS)? There seems to be no way back to a nation state
'federalist' solution. Should they buy into the 'global
civil society' solution?"

Will ICANN Reveal Its True Self To WSIS?
The U.N. World Information Summit (WSIS) meets next
Wednesday in Geneva. It is expected that questions will be
raised whether the some or all of the functions performed
by ICANN would be better vested in an organization such as
the ITU...ICANN has not hesitated to ring the bell of its
stewardship of these functions before governments and
businesses. In fact, I seem to remember court filings in
which ICANN tried to excuse itself by hinting to the court
that the internet would wobble off of its axis should the
court interfere with ICANN and its unfettered role as
overseer. Over the last few days, on the IETF mailing list,
ICANN's Chairman has tried to tell a different story, a
story in which ICANN is merely a "coordinator" with no real
power to do much of anything with regard to IP address
allocation or operation of the DNS root servers.

U.N. battle brewing over control of the Internet
Could the U.N. be given broad authority over the Internet?
If countries such as China and Cuba have their way at the
World Summit on the Information Society meeting next week
in Geneva, U.N. administration of the Internet might be
become a reality. Currently, the main governing body for
the Internet is ICANN, a not-for-profit organization based
in the U.S. ICANN is responsible for managing the
Internet's addressing system, handing out domain names, and
resolving disputes. However, many developing countries are
critical of current Internet governance, feeling that the
current approach is too pro-business. Their solution? Put a
U.N. organization in charge of the Internet.

WSIS conference web site

Why it's time to rein in ICANN
COMMENTARY-- What happens when you get lost on the
Internet? That question is hardly theoretical. It has
become the basis of a major Internet regulation feud, one
that might determine who shapes the next era of the Net.,2000048590,20281649,00.htm

ICANN FAQ Policy Development Process
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About the Policy
Development Process (PDP) on Development of Predictable
Procedure for Consideration of Proposals for Contractual
Approvals or Amendments.

ICANN Terms of Reference Registry Services
Draft Terms of reference: Procedure for use by ICANN in
considering requests for consent and related contractual
amendments to allow changes in the architecture or
operation of a gTLD registry.

Staff Manager's Issue Report on the Need for a Predictable
Procedure for Changes in the Operation of TLD Registries
The ICANN community, and the Internet community at large
have expressed interest in the process for consideration of
changes in the operation of a TLD registry. The opinions
expressed indicate that there be a predictable process
prior to implementation of such changes that allows for an
assessment of the potential effect on Internet operations,
with due consideration given to all relevant factors -
including the legitimate interests of the TLD operator.

Tensions over Australian ENUM progress
One of the participants in a discussion group to
investigate the feasibility of mapping the telephone
numbering system to the DNS has expressed concerns the
process is being 'hijacked' by the large carriers.,2000048620,20281662,00.htm

Domain names for communities
Australian domain names restricted for use by community
website portals are being planned, with domain
administrator auDA calling for community feedback.

Warning over .eu domain name promotion
The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ordered
EU Registry Services not to send e-mails that imply it is
accredited to offer .eu domain names. The ASA found the
advertisers had not substantiated their claims to

Domain Name Dilemma Affects One in Six Companies
New companies are finding it harder to establish their
online brands as first choices of domain names become
increasingly scarce, according to CommonName, the leading
global provider of keyword navigation and Internet search

Domain registry site gets hacked
The Global Name Registry confirmed that its .name Web site
was hacked over the weekend, blaming the attack on the
company's move to relaunch its services.,39020645,39118276,00.htm

APNIC - RIR open letter to ICANN regarding the NRO
On 31 October 2003, the RIRs delivered to ICANN an Open
Letter advising of the formation of the NRO. This letter
included a copy of the NRO MoU, and a proposed MoU for the
formation of a new ICANN ASO, as required under the
reformed ICANN structure.

Domain disputes at all time high
Disputes over domain names is at an all time high, with
close to 10,000 URLs currently listed in the Uniform Domain
Name Dispute Resolution Database. Cybersquatting is the
leading cause of domain name conflict.

.uk - Domain Registrar Services out of business
Thanks to action taken against them by Nominet UK, Domain
Registrar Services Ltd and its sister company, UK Names,
are to quit the domain name business.

VeriSign arrives in the UK
Under-fire domain name and security services firm VeriSign
has opened a UK office for the first time in a bid to
capitalise on Europe's fastest growing e-commerce market.

Domain registry site struck by hackers
The Global Name Registry confirmed that its .name Web site
was hacked over the weekend, blaming the attack on the
company's move to relaunch its services.,39020645,39118276,00.htm,39001150,39160129,00.htm

RISwhois: IPv4/IPv6 Address to Origin Mapping
RISwhois complements the RIS prefix query and looking glass
tools by providing a higher level view over the most
recently collected set of routing tables from the Remote
Route Collectors (RRCs). Given an IPv4 or IPv6 address,
RISwhois will tell which prefixes and origin ASes on which
RRCs match that particular IP.

Tiddles and Rover to get domain names
As we constantly monitor the domain name space on behalf of
our clients, here at Demys we thought we'd seen it all. Now
we think we have - with the introduction of a new service
for the web-savvy moggy -

HC restrains foreign firms from using 'Zee' in domain names
Stung by its trade name being robbed off by non-descript
foreign firms to squat on domain names, Zee Group of
Company approached the Delhi High Court which has
restrained firms from America, China, Pakistan and Nepal
from using the word "ZEE" in their domain names.

Mirage sues cybersquatter
Mirage Resorts, parent company of the Golden Nugget
hotel-casino, has filed a lawsuit against a company of
unknown origin alleging cybersquatting and trademark

Governments Already Regulate Net Domains - Study
Despite widespread sentiment that the Internet's
infrastructure should remain free of regulation, most
governments maintain some control over their own domains,
according to a recent survey.;?storyID=3932313


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