RE: [DNS] domain names for sale

RE: [DNS] domain names for sale

From: Chris Disspain <ceo§>
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2003 15:50:04 +1100

There is no penalty as such for offering them for sale. Our experience
has been, in the main, that offers are usually made in ignorance of the
policy and once informed the seller withdraws the item. 

Our 'stick' with those who ignore our correspondence (very few) or
continue to try and sell (no-one as far as I know) is that we will
cancel the domain name registration.

FYI, the text of our standard letter is:-

"It has come to auDA's attention that the above domain name is being
offered for 'sale'. This is a breach of auDA policy and any attempted
transfer of the domain name to another party outside of auDA's policy
will be blocked. The policy is available at and a copy is attached to
this letter.

auDA requires you to cease offering the above domain name for sale and
to confirm to auDA that you have done this. If we do not receive your
confirmation in writing within 7 days of the date of this letter we
shall revoke the domain name licence and the domain name will be


Chris Disspain
CEO - auDA

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> Chris Disspain wrote:
> > All,
> >
> > A couple of posts over the last month or so have made reference to
> > domain names being offered for sale. Just thought I'd let you know
> > when we receive specific information, we do take action and insist
> > the name is withdrawn from sale. If you come across examples of
> > being offered, please let us know.
> >
> Thanks Chris thats great!
> Can  you let us know what if anything happens to the people who don't
> take them out of sale? Or even if there is any penalty for even tring
> sell them?
> But it's great to hear.
> David Uzzell
> > Cheers and Seasons Greetings,
> >
> > Chris Disspain
> > CEO - auDA
> > ceo&#167;
> >
> >
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