Re: [DNS] And per se and

Re: [DNS] And per se and

From: <magic2147§>
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2003 14:26:04 +1100
On 19 Dec 2003 at 12:57, Bennett Oprysa wrote:

> The registry had a bug, a very obscure bug, it took a little while to 
> identify, and a little while longer to get it fixed. It was not 20 
> hours, it was just over 3 business hours.
> Specifically because it is a very important system, you cannot have 
> people doing bug fixes on the fly, and certain procedures have to be 
> followed.
> The turnaround time is actually quite fast, you certainly would not get 
> anywhere near that sort of response from VeriSign, Neulevel, Afilias 
> etc, and I can guarantee you that their systems do still have similar
> bugs.

Firstly I haven't had this kind of problem with any of the abovementioned registrars - I 
haven't had any problems at all with them. In fact the only gTLD registrar I have had 
similar problems with is Capital Networks/Totalnic and even I wouldn't put you in that 
class and anyway that's another story. In any event when a registrant pays  a 
premium of some 250% for the privilege of licencing a domain name (as 
compared to a .com domain (with a quite respectable registry) they deserve 
something akin to service.

Secondly if ampersand is a reserved character then the system should reject 
registration requests that contain it or have some sort of work around I would have 
thought but then what would I know I am not a dogrammer.

Thirdly my actual beef is that having reported the problem (quite politely) to both 
Enetica and Ausregistry nobody had the decency to let me know that (a) they had 
recognised the problem and (b) they were doing something about it. If they had (say 
by 6pm) I would have kept quiet. But no - the selfrighteous can never ever concede 
that the issues are at their end and all the fault is with those who dare to point out that 
even though their Royal Imperial Highnesses are wearing clothes whilst riding their 
high horses there are some holes.

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