RE: [DNS] You try to earn an Honest Dollar

RE: [DNS] You try to earn an Honest Dollar

From: john <john§>
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 2003 10:25:49 +1000
Hi Paul,

Stand up to them there is no way they have any special rights to the name
DVDs. Best of luck!


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Subject: [DNS] You try to earn an Honest Dollar

To all interested,

In august 2003 I was lucky enough to register a domain related to a
product that I offer for sale. 
The domain is generic as such and the name seems to be very sought after, as
it turned out the domain was previously registered to another company that
specialise in leasing generic domain names. I was contacted in regard to
simply transferring the domain back, free firstly then for a fee, In my
ignorance i was unaware of the policies so I researched to not get caught
out. Lucky for me I found that selling was not an option, although it never
was or why register it to start with?. After learning the process in which a
domain infact expires and then is once again available for registration, my
legal advice was that It was registered in the correct way and I need to go
on with business as normal.

I did enter negotiations with the previous registrants to be fair, and
simply one of the good guys, although as I stuck to my original stand and
transferring the domain was never going to be part of any business
arrangement, due to this we never came to any agreement.

I was then threatened with legal action.

A few months have now passed and I was happily enjoying the progress of my
site and I receive a new addition to the saga,

Quoting Email

" Hi Paul, 
Just thought I would contact you to let you know that we now have our case
together and advise you that we will be challenging your right to the name
**** in 2004. 
We will also be suing for damages to our business because of the existing

End Quote

Its good to know that the big guys are still willing to squash the little
guys when they are the ones to neglect their business assets and not willing
to admit their mistake, and the funny thing is they are still advertising my
domain for lease.

I think websites are like children if one goes missing and you take 3 months
to realise then what sort of a parent are you anyway !!



ps. Happy Christmas to all [MF-2CF8CJ3]
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