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> Hello all
> Welcome to another year, and welcome back to the news that
> will continue on a bi-weekly basis throughout 2004.
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> .au - Domain regulator labels DNA brawl as biggest consumer
> issue
> The mail-out of 500,000 allegedly misleading advertisements
> by Domain Names Australia (DNA) was the biggest issue in
> the domain name market to affect consumers in 2003.
> Canadian Firm Barred From Misleading Domain Name Marketing:
> A Canadian Internet domain name re-seller stands to be
> barred by a federal court from misrepresenting its
> domain-name registration service marketing and ordered to
> pay consumer redress, the Federal Trade Commission
> announced December 23. The stipulated order awaits only a
> judge's signature to take full effect.
> Court Bars Canadian Company from Misleading Consumers in
> Marketing of Internet Domain Name Services
> The Federal Trade Commission has requested that a federal
> district court enjoin Domain Registry of America, Inc., an
> Internet domain name re-seller, from making
> misrepresentations in the marketing of its domain name
> registration services and require it to pay redress to
> consumers. According to the FTC, the company told consumers
> that their domain registrations were expiring, leading many
> consumers unwittingly to switch their domain name
> registrar. The company also allegedly did not disclose that
> it would charge a processing fee to consumers if their
> transfer request was not competed - for any reason - and
> failed to provide consumers refunds in a timely manner.
> Under the terms of the stipulated final order announced
> today, Domain Registry of America (DROA), based in Ontario,
> Canada, may be required to provide redress to up to 50,000
> consumers, is prohibited from engaging in similar conduct
> in the future, and is subject to stringent monitoring by
> the Commission to ensure its compliance with the court
> order.
> ITU Survey of ccTLD Management
> As part of its follow-up activities related to ITU
> Resolution 102: Management of Internet Names and Addresses
> (Marrakesh, 2002), the ITU initiated in April 2003 a survey
> and questionnaire with regard to Member States' experiences
> with country code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs).  As of 12
> December 2003, the ITU has received replies to this survey
> from 60 countries.
> What the net did next
> The internet is set to become the basis for just about
> every form of communication, according to net pioneer Vint
> Cerf, and he should know what he is talking about.
> Wiring the world is one thing, making Internet truly global
> another
> Rahul Dewan typed "India" into the search box of an online
> stock photo service, hoping to find digital images of his
> native country. He found only three - all of flags. Dewan
> then typed "Switzerland," a country smaller than his, and
> found 33, while "USA" returned 72.
> ...
> The Internet's key oversight body also is studying domain
> names entirely in non-English characters - instead of
> requiring ".com" or another English suffix. Other
> challenges remain.
> ICANN DNS Infrastructure Recommendation Of the Security and
> Stability Advisory Committee
> A key element of the DNS infrastructure is the delegation
> of zones. Beginning with the root of the DNS ("."), each
> zone administrator has the authority to delegate sub-zones
> to other responsible parties. Each sub-zone becomes another
> delegation point in the DNS infrastructure tree. The
> correct operation of the delegation hierarchy is essential
> to the stability of the DNS.
> ICANN Announcement - Details on March 2004 ICANN Meeting to
> be Held in Rome, Italy
> ICANN's next round of meetings will be held 2-6 March 2004
> in Rome, Italy. The meetings are free to attend and open to
> any interested person. ICANN encourages broad participation
> in its bottom-up, consensus development process.
> ICANN Approves Community User Groups
> The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
> ( announced this week that six community user
> groups in three geographic regions have received "at-large
> structure" certification in a step towards fulfilling the
> organization's objective to have structured individual
> Internet user participation.
> Signs of Recovery: Domain Names Once Again Fetch Top Dollar
> News from Associated Press tells us the Internet is ringing
> in the new year with domain names that, once again, are
> netting seven figures. According to an AP report, a man in
> Florida sold the domain name,, to a company called
> LLC for $1.3 million. He paid $15,000 for it in
> 1997. The purchasing company intends to create a portal for
> men.
> Dispute rages over Nigeria's internet domain name
> The hosting of the Country's Country Code Top Level Domain
> (ccTLD) name locally may remain elusive for long as
> contenders to the hosting right are yet to resolve their
> dispute.
> Letting DNS Loose
> RFID tags, UPC codes, International characters in email
> addresses and host names, and a variety of other
> identifiers could all go into DNS, and folks have
> occasionally proposed doing just that. Its really just a
> question of figuring out how to use the DNS -- its ready to
> carry arbitrary identifiers. And by the way, this isn't a
> new idea, see RFC 1101 for proof, although even earlier I
> designed the DNS in the early 1980s to allow it to be so,
> but it seemed too far fetched to document for a while. ...I
> was in Geneva for a WSIS meeting of CTOs, and was surprised
> that the various organizations (ITU, ICANN, ISOC) haven't
> figured out that they need each other to make this
> technology work, rather than asserting ownership.
> What the Net Did Next
> During this slow and long lull of domain name policy and
> ICANN related news stories, I thought it would be a good
> time to bring an article by BBC News Online technology
> correspondent Mark Ward to the attention of the CircleID
> community. In it, ICANN Chairman of the Board Vint Cerf
> reflects on the history of the Internet and his involvement
> as somewhat of a "midwife," rather than the "father" title
> he doesn't like. He also looks to the future and identifies
> two key, fundamental changes that will shape the next stage
> of the Internet. As he puts it, they are VoIP and ENUM.
> WSIS: What Is It 'Really' All About?
> Until a few weeks ago, almost everyone in the Internet
> governance circus seemed to ignore the very existence of
> WSIS. After it popped up on international newspapers,
> however, things have been changing; and suddenly, I have
> started noticing plenty of negative reactions, on the lines
> of "we don't need WSIS, we don't need the UN, we don't need
> governments, we don't need internationalization - just go
> away from our network". However, I often find that these
> reactions are based on fundamental misunderstandings of the
> issues at stake; so please let me offer a different
> perspective.
> A Psychoanalysis of Corporate Domain Names and Branding -
> Part II
> Naming for today's global e-commerce is very fragmented and
> every corporation is trying to cope with little or no
> guidance at all. When a name fails to deliver a clear and
> distinct message no amount of bizarre branding ideas will
> ever save it. Now to check on the health of a name here are
> some key reasons and if not corrected, a name will
> endlessly shout and eventually die.
> A Psychoanalysis of Corporate Domain Names and Branding -
> Part I
> A corporate name of any merged entity, at best, is really
> an outcry from the deep bottom of a corporation, all in
> search of attention and in pursuit of fame and glory.
> Whether you read a corporate brand name in a column, see it
> in a phone book, hear it on a radio, TV or come across it
> on the web, the name is always, a real show-off with a
> desperate mission to seek all the attention it can get.
> A Study on Public Participation in ICANN
> The following is an executive summary from the preliminary
> study by John Palfrey, Clifford Chen, Sam Hwang, and Noah
> Eisenkraft at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at
> Harvard Law School. This study considers to what extent the
> Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
> has achieved its stated goal of a "representative" and
> "open" decision-making process.
> Centralizing the Net, Monetizing DNS, Getting Trendy?
> In a Red Herring Conference held last week in California,
> Mitch Ratcliffe's offers an analytical overview of an
> interview held with Stratton Scalovs, VerisSign's CEO..."He
> then goes on to say that we need to move the complexity
> back into the center of the Net! He says the edge can't be
> so complex. Get David Isenberg in here! Ross Mayfield,
> sitting in front of me, laughs out loud. I am dumbfounded.
> According to VeriSign, the Net should not be open to any
> type of application, only applications that rely on single
> providers of services, like VeriSign. This is troglodyte
> talk."
> ICANN on Closing Off Port 43
> ICANN has launched three task forces on WHOIS
> restructuring...It sounds innocuous enough -- nobody likes
> spam -- but the restrictions being discussed reach further
> than marketers. Pushed by registrars who feel that WHOIS
> amounts to forced disclosure of their customer lists, the
> task force is seriously discussing closing off port 43's
> straightforward access to WHOIS information, replacing it
> with GIF-based barriers or similar access restrictions.
> ICANN and the Virtues of Deliberative Policymaking - Part
> II
> In the second part of this two-part series article, Andrew
> McLaughlin concludes his critical look at the recently
> reported study, Public Participation in ICANN, by John
> Palfrey, Clifford Chen, Sam Hwang, and Noah Eisenkraft at
> the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law
> School.
> ICANN and the Virtues of Deliberative Policymaking - Part I
> In this two-part series article, Andrew McLaughlin takes a
> critical look at the recently reported study, Public
> Participation in ICANN, by John Palfrey, Clifford Chen, Sam
> Hwang, and Noah Eisenkraft at the Berkman Center for
> Internet & Society at Harvard Law School..."The study's
> presentation and analysis of data contain much of interest,
> and much that could assist ICANN (and other policy-making
> bodies) in improving its use and management of online
> public forums. But the study's value is diminished by two
> rather fundamental shortcomings: (1) its misapprehension of
> both the theory and the practice of ICANN's
> policy-development process, and (2) the sizeable gap
> between the broad scope of the study's conclusions and the
> very narrow -- indeed, myopic -- focus of the analysis from
> which they are derived. Simply put, the study scrutinizes a
> small and misleading corner of ICANN (namely, its online
> public comment forums) and leaps to a sweeping (and, in my
> view, unwarranted) conclusion."
> Unexpected twists in Internet law
> Internet law in 2003 was full of surprises, with Congress
> passing an antispam bill, the courts blessing pop-up
> advertising, the music industry losing lawsuits and the
> Supreme Court finally upholding an Internet law.
> Foundation wins Internet dispute
> It has ruled that the Staten Island-based Joey DiPaolo AIDS
> Foundation, whose Internet identity was hijacked by a porn
> site back in September, has exclusive rights to the use of
> its name in cyberspace.
> Consumeractive: Domain name pain
> What happens when your domain name isn't re-registered: I
> often receive emails or letters from small organisations
> that need help or tell me that my advice has not brought
> about a resolution.
> .us - New Yorker accused of cybersquatting
> MediaNews Services Inc., parent of the Charleston Daily
> Mail, has accused a New York man of cybersquatting in a
> federal lawsuit that seeks to shut down a Web site with an
> address similar to the newspaper's site.
> .us - Cyber-squatter burns area politician
> A Web site address for Assemblywoman Carol Liu, D-Pasadena,
> has been taken over by a business in Switzerland peddling
> pills for penis enlargement.
> RegisterFly Offers Domains
> Web hosting and domain registrar
> ( announced on Wednesday that it is
> offering domain name registrations for (
> domain extensions. Pasadena, California-based is
> the registry for descriptive domain extensions such as
> .sport, .club, and .family.
> .in - HC restrains foreign firms from using 'Zee' in domain
> names
> Stung by its trade name being robbed off by non-descript
> foreign firms to squat on domain names, Zee Group of
> Company approached the Delhi High Court which has
> restrained firms from America, China, Pakistan and Nepal
> from using the word "ZEE" in their domain names.
> .us - Pot-linked senator domain names de-activated
> More than 100 World Wide Web domains belonging to a group
> that linked Florida senators' names to a marijuana seed
> seller were de-activated Thursday and Friday. The same
> group has attempted in the past to attach Florida
> congressmen to a political group promoting white rights.
> Friends of Chantal, an organization in Mossyrock, Wash.,
> bought the names of a dozen Florida state senators in
> January as Internet domains names. Those domains were then
> linked to, a World Wide Web site that sells
> marijuana seeds from Canada.
> Network Solutions v. Hoblad in the 4th Circuit Court of
> Appeals, United States District Court
> The district court determined that Appellants were bound by
> the registration agreements because the intermediaries had
> acted as Appellants' agents in executing those agreements.
> For the decision see
> Web addresses get nip and tuck--and spam
> A crop of Web sites have sprung up with the mission of
> making long, easily breakable Web addresses shorter--and at
> least one of them is trying to make money at the idea.
> FieldTurf Scores in ACPA Decision - from
> FieldTurf, Inc., one of the largest manufacturers of
> synthetic sports surfaces, received a favorable decision
> from U.S. District Court Judge John Darrah in its case
> against competitor Sportexe, Inc., over its registration
> and use of the domain names and
> When Does an Expired Domain Name Become Available?
> In order to know exactly when an expiring domain name will
> become available for re-registration by a new owner, you
> must understand the 'Status' of a domain as listed in the
> 'whois' database.
> Choosing a Domain Name for Optimization Purposes
> A web site's URL can serve many purposes. One of those
> purposes is to improve the site's visibility and rankings
> on the search engines. This worksheet focuses exclusively
> on choosing a domain name for optimization purposes.
> Remember that a URL can serve other purposes, therefore,
> these suggestions will not and should not be followed
> exactly in all cases. After all, there are many factors in
> developing a online business in addition to its search
> engine rankings.
> E-scams rule the roost in 2003
> Regrettably, 2003 proved to be a year in which online
> scamming elevated itself to new heights, with
> inexperienced, gullible or just plain unfortunate
> individuals facing a minefield of potentially expensive
> schemes.
> ...
> Domain name renewal notices
> One issue that has generated significant angst is that of
> the distribution of advertisements for domain names that
> appear to look like domain renewal notices.
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