Re: [DNS] Resellers transferring domains without notice

Re: [DNS] Resellers transferring domains without notice

From: Virtual Visions <webdesign§>
Date: Sat, 24 Jan 2004 11:01:57 +1030
Hi again,

Just wanted to follow up and say that we only just now received a  
response from using .... Recover Password via

I requested it yesterday late afternoon, and it has taken many hours  
for the email to come through.  On top of that, the email sent is from  
RegistryWeb/SpecialistWeb stating the Invoice Number for the account  
with them ... NOT the Domain Password.

So, guess we need to contact PlanetDomain direct.

Regards, Sandra

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> From: Virtual Visions <webdesign&#167;>
> Date: Fri Jan 23, 2004  6:03:16 PM Australia/South
> To: dns&#167;
> Subject: Re: [DNS] Resellers transferring domains without notice
> Hi Marty,
> Wonderful .... thank you for the tip. I just sent it and let's hope  
> for the best.
> You see, RegistryWeb have always used what they call a security handle  
> instead of the actual contact email address i.e.  
> My experience in the past is that this security handle is the way  
> RegistryWeb somehow filter out "transfer notices". I am not exactly  
> sure how they do it and I am not exaggerating. Supposedly, if you send  
> an email to this address it should be redirected to the actual contact  
> email address. I have tested this and sometimes it actually makes it  
> to the contact email address in about 4 to 24 hours, but most often it  
> does not ... especially if it is from another Registrar initiating a  
> transfer. This has been most frustrating.
> Nevertheless, this is the first time I've had to deal with it re a  
> ...  In the past RegistryWeb only used these handles on their  
> .com accounts. It was around June I noticed that my client's   
> were no longer displaying MelbourneIT on their whois registry records,  
> but instead  displayed a change of Registrar ... Namescout,  AND this  
> new  handle as well.
> I did query the transfer with Namescout last week when I noticed the  
> status was "pendingTransfer" and they said they didn't have any  
> Reseller programs and were not sure who was doing what.  They also  
> noted thatt the domain had been transferred to them Dec 2002 and  
> suggested I should check into it.
> Anyway, I just noticed while on the phone this past hour that another  
> response from Bruce just came in ... so I'll send this off and read > it.
> Thanks again, Sandra
> On Friday, January 23, 2004, at 03:48 PM, Marty Drill - Domain Candy  
> wrote:
>> If the registrant email contact is correct and you (your client) have  
>> access
>> to it, then you (they) can recover the domain password
>> Go to
>> Enter the domain and check which is the registered contact address.  
>> If it is
>> the client, then recover the password and discuss with the client  
>> their
>> options for registrars. However, remembering that RegistryWeb have  
>> some
>> rights in this process. Be sure you are not breaching the code of  
>> practice
>> by contacting 'their client'. This all depends on who has the  
>> relationship.
>> I cannot comment on RegistryWeb's approach, simply giving you an  
>> option re
>> recovery of password. This is the alternative to simply contacting
>> RegistryWeb and saying hey "what gives, you are transferring domain  
>> names
>> without client knowledge" add some swear words in and take it from  
>> there.
>> Cheers
>> Marty
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>> From: Virtual Visions [mailto:webdesign&#167;]
>> Sent: Friday, 23 January 2004 3:50 PM
>> To: dns&#167;
>> Subject: [DNS] Resellers transferring domains without notice
>> Hello,
>> A few months ago I noticed that, without his knowledge or approval, a
>> client's domain name had been transferred from one Registrar  
>> to
>> another. Because I or my client hadn't initiated it, we assumed this
>> was done by the Reseller (RegistryWeb).
>> Then last week when we were about to renew/transfer the domain name,
>> but we couldn't because the domain name was in a "pendingTransfer"
>> state.  Obviously, the Reseller (RegistryWeb) was moving it again.  
>> Then
>> early yesterday that transfer finally went through now showing
>> PlanetDomain as the new Registrar.
>> We have requested the "new" Domain Password (authorisation key as they
>> call it) from PlanetDomain ... but have not yet heard from them.
>> This situation prompted me to check on other client's domain names  
>> that
>> we had put through RegistryWeb in the past ... and they too had
>> different Registrars listed from the original which was Melbourne IT.
>> Now, I'm concerned ... that we are going to be messed around by
>> RegistryWeb so that in the end, we have no choice but to renew with
>> them because we run out of time.
>> This has frustrated me previously with several .com domains that we
>> initially registered with RegistryWeb, but have been not been able to
>> get control back, no matter what we do.
>> Anyone care to comment or have any suggestions?  I understand from my
>> investigations last year there are suppose to be new rules released
>> soon governing Registrars and .com transfers.
>> Many thanks, Sandra
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