domain news - 27 January

domain news - 27 January

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§>
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2004 21:22:39 +1100 (EST)
.au:  Call for web name reform
Reforms were needed to ensure high-profile personalities'
names were not misused for websites, Australia's domain
administrator said today.,5744,8454074%255E1702,00.html

.au: Call for changes in allocating domain names
Reforms were needed to ensure high-profile personalities'
names were not misused for websites, Australia's domain
administrator said yesterday.

Microsoft: We took MikeRoweSoft too seriously
Microsoft says it may have been overaggressive in
threatening Web entrepreneur Mike Rowe over the name of his
Web site,

Mike Rowe no soft touch
A 17-year-old Canadian high school student is facing calls
from the US computer giant Microsoft to change the name of
a website,, he built to showcase his
programming skills.,12597,1127296,00.html,39020651,39119249,00.htm,2106,2789772a28,00.html

.ca: CIRA forced to revisit racial profiling issue
The Canadian Internet Registry Authority was taken
off-guard Monday after a self-appointed domain name
watchdog said a court had dismissed a lawsuit that CIRA
claims it never filed.

.uk: Police issue domain scam warning
Cambridgeshire Police has issued a warning about the sales
tactics of another Cambridge-based domain name reseller.

ICANN GNSO Constitutency Statements on Approval Process for
gTLD Service Changes

ALAC on New Domain Registry Services
In the present document, we will focus on substantive
criteria to be used by ICANN in evaluating requests to
review proposed changes to the architecture or operation of
a gTLD registry. We are, however, not stating any opinion
about the kinds of requests that ICANN currently has the
authority (or obligation) to consider.

Security and Fort N.O.C.'s
In an article by MSNBC called "Fort N.O.C.'s" [Network
Operating Center] Brock N. Meeks reports: "The unassuming
building that houses the "A" root sits in a cluster of
three others; the architecture looks as if it were lifted
directly from a free clip art library. No signs or markers
give a hint that the Internet's most precious computer is
inside humming happily away in a hermetically sealed room.
This building complex could be any of a 100,000 mini office
parks littering middle class America." ...It is hardly the
"most precious computer"!!!

ITU Workshop on Internet Governance
The World Summit on the Information Society will hold its
first workshop on internet governance in late February, it
has emerged. ...The WSIS, backed by the UN and its
International Telecommunications Union, said this week that
it will hold the workshop February 26 and 27 at the ITU
headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

Cubans Surf Close to Home as Web Access Restricted
At a downtown Havana post office, Cubans line up for hours
for their turn in the "surfing room."
 Cuban domain names which end in .cu have multiplied to
1,100, some of which are used solely for e-mail, and there
are now 750 Cuban Internet sites. Most are dedicated to
informing the world about Cuba, either to attract tourism
or counter the United States in an ideological war waged
for four decades.

Mozzle Domain Name Standard 2.30
Mozzle is a comprehensive program for searching currently
available domain names and providing you with links to
domain name registration websites.

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