RE: [DNS] Resellers transferring domains without notice

RE: [DNS] Resellers transferring domains without notice

From: Bruce Tonkin <Bruce.Tonkin§>
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2004 09:46:52 +1100
Hello Sandra,

> Am I correct in that it is the responsibility of the gaining 
> Registrar  
> to send out a Transfer Confirmation to the Registrant?  


> I am still a  
> little confused ... how is it that RegistryWeb can initiate the  
> transfer without approval of their customer, yet hold none of the  
> responsibility?   I must be missing something.

The last time a reseller was involved in breaching the transfers policy
is documented here:

> My client would like to transfer and renew their domain name 
> with the  
> ISP that hosts their Web site. However, in order to do this, 
> to start  
> with, we need a Domain Password.  When RegistryWeb are asked for the  
> Domain Password, they send us the Invoice Number of the account with  
> them. I am now waiting for PlanetDomain to oblige and give us the  
> Domain Password.

The registrar listed in the WHOIS must provide the registrant with the
Domain name Password on request.

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