domain news - 29 January

domain news - 29 January

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Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2004 23:14:07 +1100 (EST)
WIPO Workshops for Mediators in Intellectual Property
Disputes - June 24-25 and 28-29, 2004
Intellectual property professionals from many different
jurisdictions have, during the past nine years,
participated in the Workshops for Mediators in Intellectual
Property Disputes organized by the WIPO Arbitration and
Mediation Center. These Workshops are designed for lawyers,
business executives, patent and trademark attorneys and
others wishing to familiarize themselves with the mediation
process and to receive training as mediators.

Is there a legal difference between a hyperlink and a URL?
In 2002 The United States Senate passed the Dot Kids
Implementation and Enforcement Act of 2002 (HR 3833), which
established an Internet domain ( as a
kids-friendly area on the World Wide Web.  NeuStar, Inc.,
has been appointed to be the administrator of the
domain name space by the DoC to operate a shared
registrations system, domain name servers, and other
equipment for the second-level domain (For more
information see the Laws and Regulations section). Because
there is no foolproof method for protecting children online
at this time, the Act specifies limitations put on
specific technologies commonly used on the Internet today. 
Hyperlinks that take a user outside of the domain
are prohibited from use in any domain.

DNS Rootservers go international
For the first time in Internet history there are more DNS
rootservers outside the United States than within,
following this week's launch in Frankfurt of an anycast
"instance" of RIPE NCC-managed K root server.

New ICT commission might decide fate of '.ph' domain
The newly created Information and Communications Technology
(ICT) Commission would likely become the "external policy
board" set to implement the new government policies on the
administration of the ".ph" Internet domain, an official

Microsoft Settles with Teen Over Web Site
In the end, it paid to be Mike Rowe. The 17-year-old
Canadian teenager who caught the attention of Microsoft
Corp.'s (MSFT.O: Quote, Profile, Research) lawyers by
registering, agreed on Friday to give
up his Web site in exchange from some perks from the
world's largest software maker.;?storyID=4198796

Provo mall owner wins Web name complaint
General Growth Properties Inc., owner of the Provo Towne
Centre mall, won a domain name infringement complaint
against Provo Towne Centre Online and its owner, Steve
Rasmussen, a Web designer accused of using the mall's trade
name to promote online Web hosting and design services.

ASO General Assembly 2004 and Call for Nominations for
ICANN Board of Directors
The Address Council of the Address Supporting Organisation
is pleased to announce the 5th ASO General Assembly
Meeting, to be held on Wednesday, 5 May 2004 in Amsterdam,
The Netherlands. This meeting will be hosted by the RIPE
NCC alongside the RIPE 47 Meeting and will be open to all
parties with an interest in ASO policy matters. A detailed
meeting agenda will be published in due course on the ASO
web site at:

Whois Task Force Meeting Minutes (22 January 2003)
* Task Force 1 held 13 January 2004
* Task Force 3 held 14 January 2004

.uk: Chelsea player scores online victory
Chelsea midfielder Joe Cole has won control of the internet
name in a ruling by a United Nations panel.

All Norwegian under .no
Early in 2004 Norid will be able to accept the first
applications for domain names with all Norwegian spelling.
During the transition period allocation of names will be
effected by a draw among applications containing the same
name. Except from a few cases, applications for domain
names containing standard characters only will be processed
as usual during the closing period as well.

Lights Going Out on the Internet? Not Just Yet
In his article titled, "End of Life Announcement", John
Walker (author of the Speak Freely application) makes a few
arguments about Network Address Translation (NAT) that are
simply not true: "There are powerful forces, including
government, large media organisations, and music publishers
who think this situation is just fine. In essence, every
time a user--they love the word "consumer"--goes behind a
NAT box, a site which was formerly a peer to their own
sites goes dark, no longer accessible to others on the
Internet, while their privileged sites remain. The lights
are going out all over the Internet. ...It is irresponsible
to encourage people to buy into a technology which will
soon cease to work."

Security by Obscurity?
Ah yes, 'Security by obscurity': "Many people believe that
'security through obscurity' is flawed because... secrets
are hard to keep." I'm glad the guys guarding the A Root
Servers are up on the latest security trends. Of course,
you could hide the A Root Servers at the heart of the
Minotaur's maze, but they're still going to be "right over
there" in cyberspace, at

Security and Fort N.O.C.'s
In an article by MSNBC called "Fort N.O.C.'s" [Network
Operating Center] Brock N. Meeks reports: "The unassuming
building that houses the "A" root sits in a cluster of
three others; the architecture looks as if it were lifted
directly from a free clip art library. No signs or markers
give a hint that the Internet's most precious computer is
inside humming happily away in a hermetically sealed room.
This building complex could be any of a 100,000 mini office
parks littering middle class America." ...It is hardly the
"most precious computer"!!!

MGM Home Entertainment, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Lion
Corporation, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. v. McIlroy
Group Management of Somerville, Victoria, Australia
FINDING: Since the Complainants have failed to make out all
of the conjunctive requirements of Paragraph 4(a) of the
Policy, the Complaint is denied.

Microsoft Corporation v. Modern Limited - Cayman Web
FINDING: In the light of the above findings reasons and in
accordance with Paragraphs 4(i) of the Policy and 15 of the
Rules, the Panel orders that the domain name
<> be transferred to the Complainant.

"Launching the next step for the Internet IPv6" - speech by
Mr Erkki Liikanen Member of the European Commission
I am delighted to participate at this event today to
acknowledge the arrival of the next generation of Internet
technology. With the deployment of the new Internet
Protocol across global research and education networks we
are taking a further step to expanding the scope and
integration of the Internet into our everyday lives.|0|RAPID&lg=EN&display=


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