RE: [DNS] Once again, Apologies

RE: [DNS] Once again, Apologies

From: Discount Domain Name Services <rod§>
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2004 09:33:04 +1100
Thank you Sandra your apology is accepted
Rod Keys

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Subject: [DNS] Once again, Apologies

Dear Everyone,

I would, once again, like to sincerely apologise to Discount Domain 
Name Services.

Unfortunately, I acted too quickly when my client notified me of a 
phone call and fax that he received regarding the transfer of his 
domain name, ...  that which neither of us initiated.

Straight away, I posted on this List asking questions, hoping for some 
guidance.  I do admit I was far too naive in naming those involved .... 
I should have first checked with all parties.

So, please know, I did not set out to make accusations or to sound like 
I think everyone "else" is doing wrong.

Basically, I just  like helping small businesses get a Web presence if 
they feel they need one. I am not an expert in other areas, but try to 
do my best re my clients, who often have less time and know even less 
than I do re other areas of IT.

All the best, Sandra
Sandra Caballero
Virtual Visions
ph: 08 8552 5949
mobile: 0404 438 193
efax:  001117345536893

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