domain news - 19 February

domain news - 19 February

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§>
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2004 23:12:24 +1100 (EST)
Microsoft, Corbin City man square off
The legal offensive by the world's leading software company
on a local man and his Web sites is not unexpected. The
only surprise is that it took so long. Corbin City resident
Troy Montalvo received a complaint Wednesday from Microsoft
Corp. alleging that the Web sites he and his wife have been
operating since June 1998 infringe on the company's
trademark and intellectual property.

ph: NTC bares guidelines on domain name
The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) has just
released the latest draft of a set of guidelines that would
govern the administration of the .ph domain name,
considered a public resource and part of the national

German web host slams ex-partner NSI in domain dispute
German web host Strato is battling with its former partner,
US-based domain name registrar Network Solutions (NSI),
over 240,000 web site addresses.

Zu schön, um wahr zu sein: Top-Level-Domain ".pro"
Die Domain für "Professionals" sollte ".pro" werden. Eine
rigide Politik sollte es nur Anwälten erlauben, ""
zu registrieren, und nur Ärzten das Einrichten einer
""-Adresse ermöglichen. So sahen die Pläne vor drei
Jahren aus. Jetzt wechselt die Registrierstelle, die 2001
zu den ersten sieben von ICANN ausgewählten
".com"-Konkurrenten gehörte, sang- und klanglos den

Browser-Schluckauf verzögert Einführung von Umlaut-Domains
Registry-Betreiber Afilias gab am heutigen Donnerstag
offiziell bekannt, dass deutsche Umlaut-Domains unter der
Top Level Domain (gTLD) .info nun doch erst zum 16. März
starten sollen. Tests mit verschiedenen Browsern hätten
ergeben, dass bei der Nutzung des Internet Explorer
beispielsweise mü und mö in identische
Binärausgaben verwandelt werden. Bei Registrierungen und
DNS-Abfragen, die eindeutig sein müssen, könnte daher
"Verwirrung darüber entstehen, wo eine internationalisierte
Domain liegt", teilte das Unternehmen mit. Ursprünglich war
der Start für den 26. Februar anberaumt.

Why FOISA Should Never Become Law
In a recent issue of the Wall Street Journal, I noticed an
underreported story about an embarrassing glitch that
occurred involving the "" domain name, which is
used by the Washington Post Newspaper Company. Apparently,
recently, the domain name stopped working -- no domain name
services. This disrupted the flow and access of e-mail at
the Washington Post as well as the operations of the website.

Report on Reaction to FOISA
On February 4, 2004, United States Congress held a hearing
on a new proposed bill called the Fraudulent Online
Identity Sanctions Act (FOISA). This bill will increase
prison sentences by up to seven years in criminal cases if
a domain owner provides "material and misleading false
contact information to a domain name registrar, domain name
registry, or other domain name registration authority."

Don't Be a Domain Name Dummy
Late last year, one exceptionally lucky guy in Florida
managed to sell his Web site domain name for $1.3 million.
(He bought "" in 1997 for $15,000.) Now folks are
thinking the dot-com gold rush is back on, and they're
ready to pounce on stupid domains like
or ibetI' I say hold off on the
domain squatting. You are not going to get rich.

Web not as easy to dominate as you think
The White House is for sale. This is not a comment on the
state of US politics. Instead, one of the hottest
properties on the web has been put on the market.

New Anti-spam Initiative Gaining Traction
A grass-roots movement to improve the SMTP protocol that
governs e-mail traffic is gaining acceptance, and its lead
developer hopes to get fast-track approval by the Internet
Engineering Task Force to make the emerging framework a
SPF is essentially a whitelisting system that in order to
work requires domain owners to publish the IP addresses
from which they send e-mail.,4149,1526251,00.asp

Hostway to Acquire .pro Registry
Hostway Corporation, a global leader in Web hosting and
managed services, today announced its wholly owned
subsidiary, Registry Services Corporation, will become the
registry operator for the .pro top-level Internet domain
for professionals, after it acquires the core assets of
RegistryPro, a subsidiary of, Inc.

Afilias Moves Launch Date for .INFO German Script Domains
(news release)
Afilias, a global provider of Internet domain name registry
services, announced Thursday that it has moved the launch
date for .INFO German script internationalized domain names
(IDNs) to 16 March 2004. The move is the result of
compatibility testing with various end-user system
configurations. These tests revealed that modifications
were necessary to address problems resulting from the
interaction of IDNs with certain non-IDNA(1) compliant
browsers, which may send information to the registry that
could result in confusion over the actual location of a
given IDN.

ICANN Whois Task Force Meeting Minutes (13 February 2004)
* Task Force 3 held 21 January 2004
* Task Force 3 held 4 February 2004
* Task Force 2 held 9 February 2004

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