domain news - 23 February

domain news - 23 February

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§>
Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2004 22:40:02 +1100 (EST)
au: There's no business like shoe business
This year's must-have fashion footwear has kick-started an
Uggly battle between an Australian cottage industry and a
giant US corporation.
Last Wednesday, it was ordered by Icann, the internet
regulatory body, to stop using "Ugg" in its domain name.

us: Web site recycles domain names of enviromental Web
RecycleNet Corp. is launching a new Web site to recycle old
Web sites, the company said.

Disini disappointed over gov't handling of .ph rules
The current administrator of the ".ph" domain name is
disappointed over the way the National Telecommunications
Commission (NTC) handled the drafting of the guidelines of
administration of the country-code top-level domain.

Disini to remain as '.ph' administrator, says NTC
Joel Disini will remain the administrator of the Philippine
country-code top-level domain or ".ph", and the duly
authorized administrator of the domain name, according to
the new draft guidelines on the administration of ".ph".

Domain Name Registration and Intellectual Property in
Vietnam (reg req'd)
Registration of domain names under the country code top
level domain dot.VN in Vietnam has increased significantly
since the new regulation on the management and use of
Internet in Vietnam (Decision No. 92/2003/QD-BBCVT) was
issued by the Ministry of Post and Telematics of Vietnam
last May 2003. In an attempt to help boosting e-commerce in
Vietnam, the new regulation provides simple procedures for
registration of domain names and the internet authority
(which is the Vietnam Internet Center ("VNNIC") under the
Ministry of Post and Telematics) would act very fast in
processing applications.

New ICANN Staff Appointments

ICANN WHOIS Task Force 1 minutes - 27 January 2004

ICANN GNSO Council Teleconference Minutes - 22 January 2004

ICANN GNSO Council Teleconference Agenda - 19 February 2004

us: Judge Orders Tillamook Country Smoker to Stop
Infringement of Tillamook Trademark
A federal court ruled today that Tillamook Country Smoker
(TCS) clearly infringed on Tillamook County Creamery
Association's trademark and ordered TCS to change its web
site domain name and stop using Tillamook Jerky to identify
its products.

VeriSign Releases Domain Name Industry Brief Series
Highlighting Market Trends in Domain Registrations
VeriSign has released The Domain Name Industry Brief, an
analysis of the industry that includes a report on domain
name registrations, industry trends, and an industry primer
on the Domain Name System, domain names and the key players
in the industry.

WLS Deemed Illegal by Registrar Coalition
ICANN's announcement of a "Special Meeting of the Board",
to be held on February 18, 2004, includes a number of
topics in its "Proposed Agenda" including: "WLS
Negotiations with VeriSign". In reaction to this particular
item related to WLS, Newman & Newman, the law firm
representing an ad hoc coalition of ICANN-accredited domain
name registrars, has sent a letter to Dr. Paul Twomey,
President and CEO of ICANN expressing.

IP or NAT IP: Mostly IP
There seems to be a heated debate on this site about NAT
(network-address translation). What came as a surprise to
me is that a lot of the arguments seem to reside in
ideological point of views which obscure the real issues at
hand -- IP addressing, IP security -- and have little to do
with NAT's actual merits or drawbacks.

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