Domain Names Australia - still

Domain Names Australia - still

From: Ron Stark <ronstark§>
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 09:37:22 +1100
Does anybody know the latest with Rafferty & Co and the court rulings
with ACCC and auDA?

I still have clients ringing me complaining that DNA are sending bills
to them, when in fact it's just one of their promotions offering a .com
version of their .au name for only $237 for 2 years.  The latest was

I see that the wording has changed from previous versions in that the
document says "This is a solicitation for your registration of the above
domain name", but clients still think that it's an invoice.  Whether
this is as a result of a court ruling or as a result of market heat I
don't know.

Ron Stark
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