domain news - 27 February

domain news - 27 February

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§>
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 23:47:26 +1100 (EST)
uk: Top net villains and heroes named
Britain's net industry has named internet domain giant
Verisign as its villain of the year.,39024677,39118516,00.htm,39020369,39146697,00.htm
For a full list of winners see:

WIPO Conference on Dispute Resolution in International
Science and Technology Collaboration - April 25-26, 2005
Research increasingly involves complex international
partnerships between diverse actors such as universities,
industry, start-up companies, and venture capital
providers. Such relationships can give rise to equally
complex intellectual property and technology disputes. To
help parties obtain a better understanding of the issues
that might give rise to disputes and to address the various
options for resolving them, the Center plans to organize a
Conference on Dispute Resolution in International Science
and Technology Collaboration in Geneva on Monday, April 25
and Tuesday, April 26, 2005. We invite you to reserve these
dates and will be providing further information in due

ICANN Secretary's Notice: GNSO Council's Selection of
Alejandro Pisanty for a New Term as a Director
The GNSO has appointed Alejandro Pisanty to an additional
term as a Director on the ICANN Board. His current term was
set to end on 31 March 2004 and will now continue through
the new term which will end six months following the ICANN
Annual Meeting in 2006.

ICANN Secretary's Notice: GNSO Council's Selection of
Alejandro Pisanty for a New Term as a Director
The GNSO has appointed Alejandro Pisanty to an additional
term as a Director on the ICANN Board. His current term was
set to end on 31 March 2004 and will now continue through
the new term which will end six months following the ICANN
Annual Meeting in 2006.

ICANN Advisory: Internationalized Domain Names (IDN):
Implementation Update
ICANN approves temporary procedures to improve the transfer
mechanism for IDN registrations.

ICANN Whois Task Force 2 Survey Questionnaire for ccTLDs
The GNSO's WHOIS Task Force #2 is chartered with reviewing
the current ICANN whois policy regarding the collection,
disclosure and transmittal of data.

ICANN Registry Services Outreach Process
This statement on behalf of NeuLevel relates to the GNSO
Policy Development Process (PDP) on a procedure for use by
ICANN in considering requests made by registry operators or
sponsors for consents or related amendments to the
agreements these entities have with ICANN. In accordance
with Section 7(d) (1) of the GNSO Policy Development
Process, ICANN initiated a PDP to develop a predictable
procedure to handle such requests. The GNSO Council voted
to initiate the PDP subject to additional Terms of
Reference (TOR). Both changes to the nature of the
agreements between ICANN and the registries/sponsors and
non-contractual discussions between registries/sponsors and
ICANN are explicitly "out-of scope" of the TOR.

Whois Task Force Meeting Minutes (19 February 2004)
* Task Force 2 held 2 February 2004
* Task Force 1 held 3 February 2004
* Task Force 1 held 10 February 2004
* Task Force 3 held 11 February 2004
* Task Force 1 held 17 February 2004

Firms Ignore Kids-Only Internet Domain
A little more than 1,500 people have plunked down $100 to
$160 to buy a dot-kids address since the addresses went on
sale last June, but only eight are attached to live Web
sites. Twelve sites have been submitted for a mandatory
content review.

VeriSign to deploy Internet hub in China
VeriSign Inc. is planning to deploy a domain name service
(DNS) Internet constellation site in Beijing by the end of
2004, promising to offer Chinese Internet users faster
response times and improved reliability.

au: One city, one site - Ballarat helps pioneer community
domains online
Hear of the twin-town initiative to reclaim internet domain
names for Australian communities. A pilot project is
underway in Bathurst and Ballarat to give each location its
domain name.

us: Bloomberg Says '05 Is It, but Web Addresses Go Beyond
Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg has said several times, even as
recently as last week, that his bid for re-election in 2005
will be his last campaign for any public office. But that
has not stopped Mr. Bloomberg from securing dozens of Web
addresses that would prove useful should he decide to run
for something long after the mayoral election next year.

us: Whiz masters Web domains
With his feet dangling above the floor, Nitin Agarwal, 10,
sat at his father's computer browsing the Internet and
making his own personal Web sites. Today, the 20-year-old
entrepreneur spends many hours each day on his own computer
in the living room of his parents' house in Fishkill. The
room now serves as an office for his Internet technology
company called Nitin Networks, which operates, a domain name registration site.

Despite Web's brief lull, domain names still remain hot
Total domain name registrations reached an all-time high of
60 million, growing 16 percent in 2003. Just during the
last three months of 2003, 1.7 million more domains were

Domain name registrations set to climb
Last year was a record-setting year for domain name
registrations according to Rusty Lewis, executive vice
president of VeriSign's naming and directory services. In a
statement, Lewis said: "The report shows how domain name
registrations are increasing across the board.
Survey Reveals Increased Privacy Concerns Cause Consumers
to Provide False Identity Data
A new online survey of Internet users released by the
Network Solutions(R) privacy forum, , reveals that 70
percent of respondents said they have provided false data
about their identity because of concerns about their
personal information becoming public.

Results of ICANN's Special Meeting
As a follow up to ICANN's Special Meeting of the Board on
February 18, 2004, previously reported here on CircleID,
the following resolution was reached on the WLS
Negotiations with VeriSign: "During this Board Meeting, the
Board authorized the public posting of the 26 January 2004
letter setting forth the results of the negotiations and
asked that this matter be placed on the Board's agenda for
the publicly-held Board Meeting for 6 March 2004 in Rome,

ICANN and the Data Quality Act: Part III
This is the third part of a multi-part series reported by
ICANNfocus. In this part, the focus is on how ICANN
implementation of the Data Quality Act would address
congressional concerns. Congress is deeply concerned by
ICANN's management and is demanding meaningful change in
how the organization governs the internet. Congressional
concerns regarding ICANN and Congressional oversight
activities were detailed in Part II of this series.

WICB Acquires
APRIL FOOL'S PRESS RELEASE: As we continue to expand our
Internet outreach to cricket fans worldwide, the West
Indies Cricket Board (WICB) is pleased to announce the
acquisition of the website. Financial
terms of the purchase remains confidential.

Aussie boot battle takes an Uggly turn
After international trade disputes about everything from
plastic bags to shiitake mushrooms, could woolly boots be
next? Just two weeks after Australia and the US signed a
landmark trade agreement and proclaimed themselves the
firmest of friends, there is a groundswell of anger at the
treatment of an "Aussie icon".

us: UltraDNS to Provide DNS Infrastructure for Nominet UK
the .UK Domain Name Registry; Third Largest Top Level
Domain Expands International Reach with Greater Geographic
Presence (news release)
UltraDNS(TM) Corporation, the leading provider of DNS
infrastructure for the Top-Level Domain (TLD) community,
today announced that it has been selected to provide global
DNS services for Nominet UK, the registry for .uk domain
names. The migration to the UltraDNS Managed DNS
Service(TM) for high performance DNS resolution allows the
world's third largest TLD to expand its network and
increase the international reach of the .uk TLD.

Registrar Coalition Threatens to Sue ICANN If WLS Approved
We've been sent a copy of a letter from an "ad hoc
coalition of ICANN-accredited registrars" that they sent to
ICANN today. The un-named registrars claim that Verisign's
proposed "Waiting List Service" (WLS) "if launched would
constitute an unlawful and fraudulent protection racket in
violation of state and federal consumer protection and
unfair competition laws."

MandrakeSoft ordered to drop trademark
A judgement against the Linux distributor could force the
company to stop using its trademark and surrender its
domain names, pending an appeal.,39020390,39147100,00.htm

Ten Tips For Choosing A Good Domain Name
What makes a good domain name? Well, it's a subjective
issue, of course, but here are ten tips to point you in the
right direction.

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