DNS list

DNS list

From: David Uzzell <david-lists§uzzell.com.au>
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 14:28:57 +1100
Kim I would say to stop all this current BS just move the list!

All those who were around on the DNS list before auDA was even around 
and involved in the initial auDA informal discusions will hang on and 
move with the list!

Somepeople just can't get over semantics.

This list is a vaulable place to get advice, help, support and to 
generally pass information between users. If you have a problem with 
that setup your own list and let people know about it and if they want 
they will join!

I am happy with the passing of information and support that comes from 
this list and even the most experianced DNS guru's sometimes can still 
have problems with DNS or Registrar's or the registry and want other 
peoples advice or to see if they have had the same problems.

And has been said time and time and TIME and again this list in not a 
means to get in contact with auDA, it is not auDA list, auDA provides 
the service for this list to survive. And even from what you quoted it 
says that this list is for general discusions on .au domain issues, it 
does NOT say that this list is for discussing .au namespace and auDA 
policy and website and list's. They likley have a couple of other 
private list's to encourage discussion between directors etc.

And then with the move I would say that auDA would provide the same 
information on their website as THIS list werever it will be is the 
recognised .au namespace discussion list. With all the BS that flows 
back and forth on this list from time to time, I think there would be NO 
WAY that auDA would want to start up their own list.

Get over it and get on with it!


PS. Thanks to David Goldstein for keeping some of us uptodate with the 
comming and goings of the current news Keep up the good work.
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